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Okay, so I wanted to try something a little different with this month’s income report! Since so many people love to get super negative with income reports and say things like, “You can only make money if you blog about blogging,” or “Wow, you make money congrats, how about you tell us how you did it.” Well, for all you negative Nancys out there I will! I will give you a step-by-step how I did it! And how you can tweak things to make them work with your blog and your niche! And FYI none of this came easy, so I am not claiming you can get rich overnight! It takes work! A lot of work!

And P.S. I STILL find income reports SUPER inspiring! And I love all the positive feedback I get when I post them, it defiantly outweighs the negative!

ConvertKit: $1,964.90

So ConvertKit is the email marketing system I use and I LOVE it! The main reason being, that it’s SO easy to use! They give you 30% commission from each sale! So for each basic plan, I get Just under $9 a month, and that is recurring each month. Then as people upgrade their plans as their subscriber lists grow, I make even more! ConvertKit makes it SO easy to create opt-in forms like this one!

Here is how I market it: My free email course, “Let Pinterest Grow Your Email List“, my eCourse Pinterest Ninja, my email subscribers, my Facebook page, my Facebook group, pins on Pinterest and of course blog posts! Now I know a lot of you are lifestyle bloggers and you probably are thinking, “Well I can’t promote ConvertKit, it doesn’t fit in with my niche.” FALSE. What if I told you that I make affiliate income from haircare products and make-up? Those aren’t in my niche either! But that doesn’t mean I can’t create pins that promote them. Here is how you can add affiliate links directly to your pin without having to write a blog post about it.

Do you have an email list? Facebook page? I am sure you have other bloggers in your niche that follow you or look up to you. Well, tell them how much you love ConvertKit for your email marketing! Or MailChimp, whoever you use! Even if you think your followers may not be interested you may be surprised! I tried out a new hair color product that I fell in love with and I told my list about it! 99% of them are interested in blogging and blogging resources. But want to know what happened?  I made almost $385 from ONE EMAIL. No, I don’t do that all the time, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do it.

Share-a-Sale: $3,925.14

Guys, Share-a-Sale is where it’s at! They have SO many affiliate programs you can join. For any and every single niche out there! Here are the programs I promote with Share-a-Sale: PicMonkey, TailWind, LogoJoy

Here is how I market it: My free email course, “Let Pinterest Grow Your Email List“, my eCourse Pinterest Ninja, my email subscribers, my Facebook page, my Facebook group, pins on Pinterest and of course blog posts! How can you market it with your lifestyle blog?

  • LogoJoy is AWESOME for creating logos for your blog or business! Create a new logo, let everyone know about it and use your affiliate link!
  • PicMonkey, let everyone know the program you use to edit pictures for your blog and how you create killer pins!
  • TailWind, I JUST hopped on the TailWind train. I have manually pinned for OVER A YEAR! But now that my business is really kicking into high gear I need to spend my time wisely! I do have two kids! But everyone should use a pin scheduler! And guess what? You can give 30-days free! So why not let your followers know how much you love TailWind for your business and you think they should hop on the TailWind train too!

Teachable: $1,124.52

So Teachable is the program I use for my “Let Pinterest Grow Your Email List Course” this is a totally FREE course I offer! But this free course makes me a consistent $2,000 a month! How? AFFILIATES! I mainly market Teachable via my Pinterest Ninja course since I give a rundown on how to use it. But I also have a few pins that market it as well!

“Well I can’t create a course, I don’t blog about blogging.” (can you tell I am so over those people?) YES, YOU CAN! Stop being negative! It is getting in the way of your success! For real! I was once where you are, I would read these HUGE $50,000+ a month income reports and think, “Hell, there is NO WAY I can ever get to that level.” Guess what happened when I stopped saying that? I started making money!

Health blogger? Create a 7 day course on healthy eating or an exercise challenge! Encourage your followers to do the same and use your Teachable affiliate link! Blog about Motherhood or Parenting? Create a cleaning challenge, a de-clutter challenge, a weeks worth of non-screen time activities and crafts to do with your kids. Do the research, see what your followers want, what they are interested in. Create something that will help them out!

Successful beauty blogger? Teach other beauty bloggers to do the same. Yes you are teaching them, and yes that does make you a “coach” but why not help other people achieve the same level of success that you have! Show those bloggers what affiliates are worth promoting, how you promote them and so on.

SiteGround: $1,375.00

SiteGround is the host I use for my site and again I could not recommend them enough! I have NEVER had one problem with them and they have amazing customer service!

Here is how I market it: My eCourse Pinterest Ninja, my email subscribers, my Facebook page, my Facebook group, pins on Pinterest and of course blog posts! I always offer my eCourse Pinterest Ninja for FREE when people sign up for a SiteGround hosting plan via my affiliate link and they send me a copy of their receipt.

Do you use SiteGround? BlueHost? You can market either of those no matter your niche! As long as you use them and are happy with them! Do not promote an affiliate you have never used or have not done extensive research on. Create a pin that says: Want to start a blog? You can and it will cost you less than $4 a month!” BOOM! Add affiliate link!

Guys this is ALL doable! No matter your niche! So stop thinking negative thoughts, do research and put in the work! You will NOT regret it!

The rest of my income:

And of course, if you really want to learn how to utilize Pinterest and leverage it to your advantage check out Pinterest Ninja HERE! With over 367 Group boards organized by blogging niche, over 100 Facebook Groups organized by blogging niche and over 85 affiliate programs organized by blogging niche, it’s just what you need to really start making some affiliate in come with your blog!

xo Megan