Manual pinning VS. TailWind, which is better for traffic?

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Has your head been spinning lately over how much has changed with Pinterest?


A  lot of the recent algorithm changes (any many glitches) have frustrated a lot of content creators including myself. About a month ago Pinterest did a HUGE algorithm update, and a lot of users saw a HUGE drop-in their numbers.

Even though not much changed in terms of what they want us to be doing, which is creating fresh new images weekly. They want us to CREATE MORE fresh new images weekly.

Before 2-3 new pin images, a week was enough to build a steady audience. NOW they want us pushing out at LEAST 5 new images a week if not more! (If pin design isn’t your thing, click here

Again, not a huge change. You see, Pinterest wants to continuously fill our home feeds with fresh new IMAGES. They don’t want us to look at the same old images over and over.


As soon as you publish a new pin image (and optimize it properly for SEO), Pinterest prioritizes it for distribution simply because it’s a new image!

Now the biggest glitch/change that has occurred during the past month is a Pinterest/TailWind glitch.

This glitch did not affect every user. What was happening is Pinterest was marking every TailWind save as a Pinterest re-pin/save. So when you took one of your pins and scheduled it out to go to multiple boards, it was marking each one of those saves as a Pinterest re-pin.

That was never supposed to happen. The only way to get a true re-pin on Pinterest is when someone ELSE saves one of your pins to their boards.

As soon as they fixed this glitch, some user’s numbers dropped by 50% +, big bummer! BUT it’s a good fix because now we see actual numbers, not skewed ones.

Another BIG Pinterest glitch that occurred and sadly is still going on is where user’s websites are being flagged as spam or low quality. When this happens, the user is NOT getting any notification from Pinterest. They just see their numbers drop by 50-80%. You can learn more about this and how to fix it here.

The question stands, Is TailWind no longer helpful?

TailWind is still a Pinterest approved scheduler. TailWind will still help you keep content moving throughout the day!

However, you still need to be active on the Pinterest platform at LEAST once a day. I send out around 15-20 pins a day with TailWind.  I also spend about 5 min a day, MANUALLY pinning content.

Pinterest knows when a pin/re-pin is coming directly from their platform or if it’s coming from TailWind. Even though TailWind is a great tool, Pinterest likes when content is being directly pinned from their platform as well because they have more of a chance to make money that way!  (i.e., you click on a paid Pinterest pin.)

If you are only pinning manually, that’s ok too! You just have to be able to spend 5-10 min at a time about 4-5 times a day on the platform as you want to have content moving 24/7 so you can reach different users active at different times.

My point is, TailWind is great at keeping content circling for you and reaching users that are active at different times throughout the day. Pinning your pin to a new board at an optimal time, where someone may see it and re-pin it via the Pinterest platform!

However, I will say it again, you still need to be manually pinning for at least 5 min a day! 

I have found I get the BEST results for myself and my clients by doing both! TailWind has kept my following and engagement steadily growing for over 2 years!


Conclusion, TailWind still works, it’s still a Pinterest approved scheduling tool. It can still help you with your reach, BUT you need to manually pin for at least 5 min a day as well 🙂

And if this Pinterest thing has you completely confused, click HERE!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan