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I have a vision of peace, health, simplicity, and vibrancy that starts with each unique parent and transforms the world through the children who learn from them. We’ve come to see busy-ness and sacrifice as an acceptable way of life. And that tends to go hand-in-hand with our incessant need for more, and a consumerist society that promotes high levels of consumption.
Ok, I know that may sound like a lot of new-age hoopla to a lot of people. But basically, I’m taking a stand for parents choosing to thrive instead of settling for chaos and suckiness. As someone who ran the rat race and hit rock-bottom face-first, I share strategies for parents on how to practice minimalism and intentional living in a way that actually makes sense for their family.

1. How long have you been blogging for? 

I started blogging in Spring of 2017. At the time I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to blog about. So, I started blogging about travel – something I’ve always loved. But I couldn’t really get into the blogging aspect of it. It was definitely a struggle to force myself to write about that topic. 

So, I started fresh in August of 2017 with a new domain and a new focus, blogging about minimalist living for parents. I broadened that to minimalism and intentional living for parents. Since then, I have had no problem coming up with regular topics and keeping consistent. 

2. What made you want to start? 

Well, like most blogger stories, mine started with me working at a job that I detested. I decided that I would rather work for myself and make something happen than to spend another day in that place.

I left that job with only an inkling of a plan, which was to become a work-at-home travel agent.

I took the training, paid the money, and got connected with a host agency…and then nothing happened lol. I had NO idea how to market or start a business. I actually started out by making business cards to hand out at the mall– massive fail.

So, I started reading articles and google searching how to market.

At one point, I came across an article that had a list of people to follow for excellent online marketing advice (or something along those lines). It mentioned Melyssa Griffin as being a guru for building a following using Pinterest.

Now, at that point, I had been struggling with Twitter (yuck) and was getting absolutely nowhere. So, I was intrigued by the concept of Pinterest.

I ended up signing up for her resource library and went to a webinar…down the funnel, you know. And I LOVED it! I was like “YES, this is exactly what I want to do!” I still didn’t know how it would work with my travel agency “business”. But I knew it felt right.

Eventually, (obviously) I let go of the travel agency nightmare and migrated to minimalism which has a much deeper vein for me. I’m all in at this point.

3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I’ve always considered myself a writer. I’m an introvert and enjoy working alone in my head. 

BUT, my FAVORITE thing about blogging is the possibility. At this point, I’ve seen just enough to understand the calculated scaling that can come from owning a blog business. 

I find it so interesting that you can take a set of calculated actions, analyze the data and tweak, and get steady results. Just like the marketing masterminds say, it actually works. I find that incredible.  

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