Monthly Pinterest views, do they matter?

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You guys, this topic always makes me crazzyyyy. I see content creators and even other Pinterest Marketing “experts” saying things like, “See how I got to 1 million monthly Pinterest views with one simple strategy!” (insert eye roll)

Why does this annoy the absolute heck out of me?

Because your Monthly Pinterest views are simply showing you how many users are seeing your pins in their smart feeds. 


That’s it.


It’s made up of how many people have seen the content you have pinned (not even necessarily your content) content you are pinning to your niche boards is included in that as well, your content other users have saved and content you may have saved from websites, etc.

However, so many people still throw their numbers around like it’s a huge deal.

It’s not. I know you’re probably thinking, “Way to be a snot, Megan!”

Now, I am not saying that the number is a waste of time. It IS showing you your reach. And having a larger reach doesn’t hurt! It can 150% help get more people to your website AND profile.

However, this is what you need to focus on.


You can have 100,000,000 Pinterest views, but if no one is clicking on your pin, that number means jack squat!

Let me show you…

Here are my current monthly Pinterest views: 269.1K

Sounds like a pretty low number right?

Now, here are my stats showing how much DAILY traffic I got from Pinterest on the 13th of August.


Almost 11 THOUSAND!

Do you get what I am saying now?

Stressing out over your monthly Pinterest views is NOT worth it!

I heard someone say it’s a vanity number, and I 150% agree!


How to increase your conversion

Focus on creating 2-3 new pins a week. They can even link to old content!

Not only will Pinterest prioritize them since they are new and fresh, but having a few different pins for each post will help you get a better idea of what your target audience is responding to! What look makes your pin stand out, what wording gets that “click.”

It will take time, but you will eventually figure out what works FOR YOU and what doesn’t. And creating higher converting pins moving forward will get easier and easier!

And try not to let the monthly views get to you! I know it’s hard! It’s even hard for me! But as long as your traffic is on the upswing, you are doing all the things right!

But, if this all has you confused, click here!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan