My 60 Minute a Week Pinterest Marketing Strategy

One of the struggles with Pinterest is staying consistent when it comes to pinning and content creation. I have been doing this for over six years now, and I have learned a few things along the way. 

I average around 100K page views to my website each month from Pinterest. I only pin my own content. However, my account is over six years old, so this works for me. With newer accounts, you may have to pin a mix of your own content and other user’s content that pertains to your niche until you get up and running.

Check out my post here on how often you should be pinning on Pinterest. 

I am going to show you what I do every Sunday to set myself up for the week. With this strategy, I see consistent growth! And I am going to walk you through it step-by-step. And I don’t use any paid schedulers. This is all FREE!

And yes, it only takes me 60 min! With my kids being in virtual school and me running a full-time business from home, I need to be as efficient as possible!

One. Content.

New content doesn’t always have to mean a new blog post or URL. Pinterest is looking for fresh new IMAGES. They want to always be showing users new and fresh pins, which means the more new images we can create, the better. 

Right now, I push out about 10-12 new pin images a week. 

How do I create 10-12 pin images in an hour? With pre-made templates! This way, it’s super easy to pop-in the text, change the images and the coloring. I can create a pin in about 1-2 min max.

If you want to learn more about where I get my templates, click here

If I have a new blog post for the week, I will create about three new images for that one post. For the rest, I go into my Pinterest account and look at which pins are doing well in terms of reach. That means the SEO of that pin was formatted well. 

From there, I will create a new pin image to link to the same post as the old pin. I will most likely change up the wording, imaging, and coloring on the pin, but I will keep the same SEO. I may add in a few new keywords to see if I can get an even larger reach with this new pin. 

While reach is mostly due to proper SEO, it also has to do with if Pinterest likes your image or not. Be sure to use images on your pin that pertain to what the pin links to. Right now, video pins are where it’s at. If you can, try to add a moving element to your pin image. 

My analytics and the stats on the back end of my website will determine how many new images I create for the week. 

Two. Schedule.

For optimal reach, it’s best to space your pins out. I send out 1-3 new images a day at different times. This way I am reaching users who are active on the platform at different times throughout the day.

To do this, I use Pinterest’s FREE pin scheduler. I no longer use TailWind. While it’s a great tool, my reach has been 100 times better using the scheduler Pinterest offers.

You will upload a pin like you normally would on Pinterest.

At the bottom, you will select “publish at a later date,” then you can click on which day you want the pin to go out and at what time. 

If I am pinning more than one pin in a day, I have one go out in the am one in the middle of the day and one in the evening. I am again reaching users who are active on the platform at different times throughout the day. 

They will appear here:

If you are creating new images weekly and optimizing them properly for SEO (the way Pinterest likes), you will see steady account growth. 

You have to stick with it! 

It 100% pays off to learn how the platform works! If you want to see how I get 100K page views to my website each month, click here.

Happy Pinning

xo Megan