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One of the biggest struggles of being a new blogger is getting people to read your content. You get your blog up and running, you are writing posts and adding content to your site, but alas, you aren’t really getting much traffic. And the traffic you are getting isn’t quality traffic, they aren’t sticking around to see all that your site has to offer. So why are they clicking away? Why aren’t you getting any page views?

I get asked this question A LOT! 

I pin on Pinterest 10+ times a day, I consistently post on my social media accounts, so why am I not getting any new subscribers? Why am I not getting any traffic? When my subscribers email me and ask me these questions, the very first thing I do is look at their site and all of their social media accounts. Want to know what I see 99% of time? TOO MUCH CONTENT!

I know what your probably thinking, how is too much content a bad thing? When you click on someones site and they have 10 different things going on (posts aren’t tucked into categories), they have a TON of ads, they don’t really have a rhyme or reason to their brand (the font’s and colors they are using) it becomes overwhelming, disorganized and not visually pleasing. Plus it kind of makes you think they may not really know what they are doing so it’s probably a waste of your time to read their content.

I did it too!

When I first starting blogging I had google ads ALL OVER my site because I thought I could make money. Did I make any money? Sure, a little. But nothing even close to what I make now! Do I still have ads? Nope. Why? Because they were too much, they made my site too busy, and not visually pleasing AT ALL. Now am I saying that you should never have ads on your site? Of course not, but I am saying that you shouldn’t have them all over your site and you should place them in non distracting spots. Such as the beginning of a post OR even better, they very end.

You should also have a very neat and clean static front page. 99% of the time this is going to be someones very first impression of your site, and you want to make a good impression so they stick around and read your stuff! Here is mine:


The top of my static front page has a menu with all I have to offer in nice neat categories. Then when you scroll down, I have one of my most popular incentives, and when you scroll down even more, I have my picture and a brief bio about myself and what my site is about. And that’s it! No ads, no posts and my colors and fonts are all consistent with my brand.

Then if you go to one of the categories listed in my main menu, it looks like this:


Here they can see all the posts that pertain to this specific category, and I have a little widget on the side bar that shows my current pins and will bring them to my Pinterest account if they click on it.

It’s time to organize your blog! 

Just remember, LESS IS MORE! So, if you are struggling to get traffic stop and take a look at your site. Is there too much going on? Do you have a nice clean static front page? Are your colors and fonts consistent with your brand? If not it’s time do a little blog cleaning! If you need a little more guidance when it comes to branding and getting traffic, check out my eCourse Pinterest Ninja here. You won’t regret it!

xo Megan