When I started blogging I thought I knew everything about Pinterest, because why wouldn’t I? I had been pinning recipes, home decor, DIY and kids craft ideas for years! So when I knew I wanted to start my own social media marketing business I figured I had Pinterest all figured out. I was SO WRONG!

I was using Pinterest like any other social media outlet, and that is where I failed! Miserably. After three months of blogging I had about 50 Pinterest followers, and was hardly getting any visitors to my blog. What the heck was I doing wrong?

Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google, Yahoo or Bing. And once I finally figured that out I started upping my Pinterest game.

Here is how I did it!

So since Pinterest is a search engine, you type in key words to find what you are looking for. Like: “How to throw a birthday on a budget” Since I wasn’t including key words in my pin descriptions I wasn’t showing up in any searches! My pin descriptions were super long and not really to the point.

Pinterest likes to change up their algorithms a lot. So back in the day anything you would pin would show up on allĀ  your followers feeds. Not anymore! Using key words in your descriptions is what is going to get you on those feeds and have you show up when someone searches something using one of the key words in your pins.

Here is an example of one of my pins that got a lot of re-pins! In my description (which is short and sweet) I used key words that someone would search for: DIY Trolls themed birthday, birthday on a budget, girl birthday ideas.

It’s as simple as that! Once I started adding key words to my pin descriptions, I started getting re-pins, more followers and a lot of traffic to my site!

Give Your Page a Professional touch!

You want your Pinterest page to be organized and easy to read. Adding board covers let’s your followers easily see what your boards are about.

Your first board should always be dedicated specifically to your blog/website/business. This is the first board your followers will see when they go to your page. Here is mine, super easy for my followers to see that this board is dedicated to my blog.


Now when it comes to the rest of the covers, mine are very simple (use key words here too!) The covers show my followers exactly what each specific board highlights. Using key words for your board titles (and descriptions) will also help you show up in feeds! Remember not to over do it, DO NOT USE HASHTAGS! This is not twitter.

It really is pretty simple once you figure out how pinterest works! If you want to make your page look professional enter your info below to receive over 100 custom board covers for FREE!

xo Megan