Each one of your pins has it’s very own metrics. Pin metrics are completely different than your Pinterest analytics.

Your analytics show you your profiles overall performance. Such as how many people you are reaching and how many people are interacting with your content.

Pin metrics, show you stats for individual pins.

Why are they important?

One of the main reasons bloggers use Pinterest is to put their content out there and get more traffic back to their websites. So you write a post, create a pin and then you wait!

Let’s say your pin has been floating around the Pinterest world for two weeks and you aren’t getting much traction. You take a look at your metrics.

First you are going to click on your pin to see it close up, like this.

Here you can see this pins specific impressions, saves and clicks. From the last 30 days, 7 days or 24 hours.

Impressions = How many smart feeds your pin has appeared in.

What is a smart feed? It’s your homepage which shows all the pins that are trending. Or pins that pertain to topics you have been searching for.

Saves = How many users have saved or “pinned” your pin.

Clicks = How many people have clicked through from your pin to your website.

Now, this gives me a general idea of how this pin is performing. But if I click on, “see more stats” I can get an even better idea.

Here I can see that 105 people have looked at this pin close up. For me, I want at least a 50% conversion (minimum). So I need at least 53 people who close up on my pin to click through to my website.

These stats are telling me that this pin is converting around 35%, which isn’t great. But that’s ok! Because now, I am going to create a totally new pin for this post but I am going to change things up!

I changed the wording. From: Why you should clean up your Pinterest boards, to help increase your blog’s traffic.

To: How to increase your blog’s traffic by cleaning up your Pinterest boards.

Two things, I know my audience is VERY interested in getting more traffic to their website. So I Really emphasized that at the top of my pin. I made the words that would grab their attention stand out. “Increase, blogs traffic.”

Next, I know my audience is also very interested in Pinterest! So I also made sure to emphasize “Pinterest” at the bottom. This way they know that this Pinterest tip will help them increase their blog’s traffic.

I also made the pin MUCH brighter. This way it has a higher chance of standing out in a smart feed full of pins.  You can check out the original pin here.

Will this pin convert better? I have no idea! But, that is how Pinterest works, it’s ALL trial and error. This is why it’s a good idea to pay close attention to your metrics. They will let you know what is working and what isn’t!

If this whole Pinterest thing has you confused as heck, click here and let me guide you in the right direction!

xo Megan