Pinterest for Bloggers

Pinterest for bloggers. Here are the top 3 tips for getting started with Pinterest for business! Learn how to increase your blog's traffic with Pinterest!

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Are you a total Pinterest newbie?

Then this is a GREAT post to help you get started with Pinterest!

Or maybe you kind of have an idea of what you are doing but aren’t sure if you are doing it the right way, this post is for you too!

Alright, let’s start here.

Why is Pinterest so beneficial for bloggers and online business owners?

First and foremost Pinterest is a search engine! A pretty sweet one if you ask me because it’s all visual. It works a lot like Google, and creating awesome pins can help drive traffic back to your website.

Sounds easy right?

Not exactly, so here are three steps to get you moving in the right direction.

Step 1: Set up a traffic driving profile.

Find a professional picture of yourself or even your logo and use it as your profile picture. FRIENDLY TIP: DO NOT use a selfie. Not that you aren’t beautiful! But selfies aren’t super professional.

Create a main blog board that ONLY contains pins that link back to your website. Make sure it’s the VERY first board listed on your profile! Pro tip: Set it as your featured board! Go to “settings” and then scroll down right past “location” and you will see the option to set a featured board.

Create 10-15 niche specific boards that pertain to your blogging niche. Make any boards that do not pertain to your niche private. Be sure to give each board an SEO rich title and description! Also, be sure to assign the board to a category!

Step 2: Create eye-catching pins.

Remember how I said that Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine? Creating eye-catching pins will help with conversion so you can get traffic back to your website!

Tips for pin creation:

  • Brighter colors
  • Not too wordy
  • Use words that spike curiosity like must-have or can’t live without
  • Current optimal pin size is 600 x 900 (keep in mind this changes often)
  • Use stock photos, two great free sites, Pexels and Pixabay
  • Make sure your wording is EASY to read


Step 3: Pinning

  • How often? Since Pinterest is always circulating content, you want to be sending pins out throughout the day. Morning, noon and night. This post can shed more light.
  • You want to be pinning your content to niche specific group boards, such as recipe pins to recipe boards and parenting pins to parenting boards, etc.  Group boards are boards that multiple users can collaborate and share content on. It’s a great way to expand the reach of your pin. You want to focus on joining boards that are within your blogging or business niche. 
  • You NEVER I repeat NEVER want to pin the same URL back to back to back. That will get your account flagged as spam! This post can shed some more light.
  • Pinning other peoples content can help drive traffic to your profile! Make sure it’s content that pertains to your niche specific boards.
  • You want to aim for sending out at least 20 pins a day minimum with most of them being your pins that you are pinning to niche specific group boards.
  • When you first upload a pin, you want to upload it to your main blog board. From there schedule it to go out once a day (if you want to pin it twice in one day do it once in the am and once in the pm, so there is space in between) to a niche specific group board. A different one each day. I use TailWind for my scheduler and couldn’t imagine pinning without it!
  • If you are manually pinning, that’s okay too! Just make sure you pin your pin to a different board each day. Spreading your pin out helps the reach of the pin significantly!

And if all this sounds super overwhelming click here.

Remember to take Pinterest a day at a time! It does get easier!

Happy Pining!

xo Megan