Pinterest Marketing Best Practices Update August 2020

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Have there been any huge updates in “best practices” since the last one a few months back? 

Not entirely. 

However, a recent Pinterest Marketing online seminar (not hosted by Pinterest) got a lot of content creators talking. Why? Well, Alisa Meredith from TailWind mentioned that you want to space out the same pin image by at LEAST 7 days, instead of the old recommendation of 24-48 hours. 

Now, here is where this gets “tricky.” 

In the last two months, Pinterest has made it a priority more than EVER to push fresh new images into our home feeds. They do NOT want to show us the content we have already seen. Because of this, you need to be creating at least five new images a week (if not more) to gain any sort of traction and grow your account. 

While that alone is creating a ton more work for us, these new pins are only staying “fresh” in Pinterest’s eyes for 10-14 days. Unless a specific pin is getting a lot of saves and clicks, then it will stay circulating for longer. 

So should you wait seven days to pin the same image? 

I don’t have an answer. 

The most common email I get is, “How should I be pinning.” And my answer is always this: “I can not tell you how to pin. I would have to work on your account for 2-3 months to see what is working best for you.”

Then I give the below guidelines to follow: 

  • Try your best not to send out more than 25 pins in 24 hours. Pinning too much content can get you flagged for spam. I send out about 10-15 a day right now, and it’s the perfect number for ME. 
  • Try to create at least five new pin images a week if you can do more, GREAT. 
  • You want to space out the same image by at LEAST 24 hours. If you want to do seven days, then you 100% can. I have always spaced my and my client’s pins out by 24-48 hours and have never had an issue. Our accounts are always growing. However, this method may not work for you. 

Pinterest takes a TON OF WORK. It is never a quick solution to gaining traffic. So if someone is telling you this, they are not honest. I hate giving the above answer because I wish I could lay out an EXACT strategy for you. But I can’t unless I am working on your account myself and for at least a couple of months. 

It will take MONTHS of trial and error to find YOUR perfect pinning strategy. Also not a comment I love to make, I actually hate telling people this! But, unfortunately, it’s the truth. 

Here is why the “seven day spacing of the same pin image” is a little confusing (to me at least). I mentioned above a pin stays fresh for 10-14 days (unless it’s gaining a lot of traction: re-pins and clicks.) So if you are spreading out a pin by seven days, you pin the new image on day 1 to it’s most relevant board, day seven you pin to another relevant board, day 14 you pin it again to another relevant board. Well, now, this pin image is no longer considered fresh. So you are technically pinning old content Pinterest doesn’t want to show anymore. 

See why it’s confusing? I wish Pinterest would give us all some solid set-in-stone answers but they never can seem to! 

Sometimes I have pins that pertain to 5 of my boards, sometimes I have pins that pertain to 14 of my boards, and sometimes I have pins that only pertain to 1 of my boards. When everything is optimized properly for SEO I usually get a pretty decent reach on each pin I create and it really doesn’t make a huge difference if it’s being pinned to 1 or 14 boards. As long as it’s being pinned to relevant boards.

Only spacing my content out by 24-48 hours. Again, this works for ME. It may not work for you! (yes I am going to keep saying this!)



The main point of this post isn’t to confuse you even more. (Though it probably did!) It will hopefully give you a little motivation to try different strategies until you find one that clicks! And I can promise you that if you keep trying you will find one! Whether that is spacing out your content by 24 hours or 7 days! 

If you are a Pinterest newbie and want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing, click HERE! 

As always, 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan