Pinterest Marketing for beginners, a realistic outlook.

So you started a blog! Or maybe you have an online store, or perhaps you want to drive traffic to a specific sales page, so you came to Pinterest.

You are probably experiencing information overload. You probably read an article telling you how to pin one way and then another telling you to pin a different way.

You have also probably read an article saying Pinterest will drive you 1,000’s of pageviews overnight!

I am here to lay out some realistic expectations for Pinterest marketing, as I am coming up on year 7 of specializing in it!

Timelines for new accounts

Let’s say you are starting a business account from scratch. You sign up, set up all of your boards, and begin creating pins. Going off your account is properly optimized for SEO (account and boards), and you upload at least one new pin image a day (if not more). It will take you a SOLID 6+ months to start getting decent traction and for your pins to begin ranking. And that is ONLY if you stay consistent. 

If you do, it will 100% pay off! 

And that is ONLY if you are optimizing everything properly for SEO and pinning within Pinterest’s current best practices.

THIS post is an example of the #1 mistake I see SO often, even now. This post is sadly from a “Pinterest VA” who posted in a Facebook group I am part of; unfortunetly, I see this ALL THE TIME.

Not only is she pinning 150% incorrectly, but she is also risking getting her client’s accounts flagged and shut down or marked as spam. And once that happens, you NEVER recover.

She is saying she creates a new pin and then re-pins that pin to MULTIPLE BOARDS. Not only does this hurt the reach of the pin (and risks getting the account flagged), but Pinterest DOES NOT WANT US re-pinning our own content. Once you upload your new pin to the most relevant board, you LEAVE IT ALONE and never touch it again. DO NOT PIN LIKE THIS EVER! 


So if you are a newbie, I would invest in learning how to properly set up your Pinterest Account and how to pin properly as well. Getting your account flagged is no fun and 99% of the time your reach NEVER comes back. 

Pinterest wants new images as much as we can give them! They can link to old posts, but you want the pin design and image to be different than the last. This also helps with conversion (traffic to your website) because you are able to see which images and wording your audience is responding to! 

Is Pinterest worth all the work?

Yes it’s 150% worth all the work! 

This is just from TODAY! And It is 8:49am PST as I am writing this post! 

Is it going to take work? YES! But will it pay off? 100% yes! This is FREE traffic! I don’t pay for ads! Did it happen overnight? NO. 

My best advices is keep realistic expectations, try not to read into the posts saying Pinterest will be your quick fix to traffic. And Invest in learning how the platform works, how to properly set up your account and pin! 

You can learn more here! 

As always, happy pinning! 

xo Megan