If you have found yourself reading this post or idea pin, you are probably a Pinterest newbie. You are also probably a little overwhelmed with information overload!

You may be reading conflicting or outdated information, and all of it can feel incredibly overwhelming!

I am here to lay it all out for you; this way you can get moving in the right direction!

Let’s start here

Pinterest is a search engine. 

You probably already know this, but it’s something I like to lead with. As the platform evolves, it has some more Social Media aspects like Idea pins and reels. But even with these newer features, Pinterest still works like Google or any other search engine out there.

It pulls information and places it in front of the right people because of the keywords you use to optimize your account, boards, and pin descriptions.

So much like Google, SEO is VERY VERY important.

And not just stuffing keywords in there, Pinterest prefers long-tailed keyword sentences. So you need to optimize your account, boards, and descriptions PROPERLY if you want your content to be put in front of the right audience.

The #1 error I see when someone comes to me because they are not getting traffic from Pinterest is their account either has zero SEO or it’s done improperly.

While clicks are what most consider the most critical part, I say SEO. Because if things are not set up the right way, your chances of traffic drop to less than 5%

Proper account set up is crucial 

This is piggybacking on my first point. You want to make sure you optimize every part of your account.

From your display name to your bio.

When it comes to naming your boards, you want boards that pertain to what you blog about or what your business is about.

You want to make sure you are choosing trending keywords as your board names. You don’t want to make up fun and silly board names.

While they are cute, people are not searing for “Crazy cool Christmas ideas.” They would be searching for “Holiday Decor Ideas” or “Christmas Decor Ideas.”

Making sure the board description is optimized properly is just as important as making sure the board names are also optimized properly!

Pinning Frequency and Strategy

This changes often. Unfortunately. Especially when Pinterest rolls out new features. For a while Video pins were where HUGE, when they launched those, static pins didn’t get as large of a reach anymore as they wanted a push to use their newest feature. 

Now they want us using Idea pins. This is a REALLY big push for them, so sadly static and video pins don’t get the reach they used to. However, back to SEO, this is why proper SEO is so important. 

Yes it’s 100% possible to get a good reach still! You just have to be willing to adapt when things change. 

A few guidelines that you want to follow that never change and will keep your account in good standing: 

Fresh new images! Even if you have multiple different images that link to the same URL, that is OK. You just want to be creating and uploading new pin images daily.

DO NOT re-pin the same pin image multiple times, even if you spread it out. This is the #1 way to get your account flagged and shut down.

When you upload a new pin image, you optimize it for SEO and send it to the most relevant board (that is also properly optimized for SEO), and then you leave it alone! Therefore, you do NOT need to or want to re-pin a pin more than once.

I still see so many users making this mistake. Pinterest has even said more than once NOT to do this!

Stop focusing on your monthly views.

They are a VANITY number. I have had users come to me with over a million Pinterest views and EXTREMELY low website traffic from Pinterest.

Views are your reach, and while a large reach is good, it does not mean users are clicking on your pin.

They may not even see it! It simply means your pins have appeared in X amount of home feeds. So users could still be scrolling by without noticing it.

Try not to get hung up on it! Even just a few months ago, the more interaction your pin got, the higher its reach would be; it’s not that simple now!

New accounts take time. 

If you are starting from scratch or coming back to an account you haven’t been active on in a while, try to keep in mind that it will take time and constancy to see results.


With proper SEO and consistent pinning, you will see GREAT results! Pinterest sends me on average 80-100K views to my website every month, sometimes more. I have also been doing this for 6+ years, but they key is I stay consistent! 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and current best practices, click HERE!

Happy Pinning, 

xo Megan