Pinterest Marketing, how to gain traction on Pinterest!

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In this post, I am going to break down the steps you need to do on a daily and weekly basis to help you gain more traction on the platform!

I have been doing Pinterest Marketing since late 2014, I have sold over 5,000+ courses, helped companies take their sales from 3K a month to over 10K a month, and have clients all over the country! That is not bragging, that is me showing you I live and breathe all things Pinterest Marketing 5 days a week! (Because no one likes to work on the weekends!)  I also rank #4 over ALL when it comes to Pinterest Marketing on Pinterest! And it took a TON of time, effort, and road bumps along the way. So when it comes to knowing what and what doesn’t work, I am your gal!

Ok, here we go!

First and foremost, if a content creator and or course creator is claiming you will see results overnight, they are lying to you. Yes, your monthly views may increase, but if you have been following me for a while now, you know that your Monthly Pinterest Views are just a vanity metric.

This post can explain more… 

It IS a good thing for them to go up! That means your reach is expanding, and that is good! However, we need to focus on clicks! When you start seeing actual website traffic from Pinterest, that is when you know things are working! 

When you first create a new account or convert an account to a business account, it can take up to 3 months to even RANK on Pinterest. That means you won’t easily be discoverable for up to 3 months. I know that sounds discouraging, but if you follow the below steps, you will continue to move in the right direction!

Even if you are not new to the platform but are in a “slump” read the below tips and you should start seeing a boost! I have to change things up ALL THE TIME even with my own account!


  • Be consistently pinning throughout the day. Via TailWind or manually.
  • Send out a minimum of 20 pins a day with a mix of those being your pins you are pinning to either niche-specific group boards or your own niche boards.
  • Try not to pin too much, sending out 100 pins a day won’t help you. I try to stay under 40.
  • Do not pin the same IMAGE more than once a day, or you could set off spam filters and get your account flagged and shut down.
  • If you are pinning with a scheduler, also pin a few times a day on the physical platform as well via your phone or computer. 


  • Create anywhere from 2-5 new pin images a week. Even if they link to old posts. Pinterest prioritizes new content. They always like to be showing us NEW images.
  • If a pin has been on Pinterest for AT LEAST two weeks, look at the metrics, if it’s not converting to website traffic as you want it to, create a new pin. Word it a little differently, change the colors and fonts. Make specific words stick out over others to grab your reader’s attention. Trigger words can help immensely with pin conversion!
  • Make sure your pins are optimized properly for SEO. Use your guided search to see what is trending about your topic.
  • Do not delete underperforming pins. Even if they are performing poorly now, they can pick up traction down the road! Learn from them! It will help you create better pins moving forward.
  • If your monthly views drop, DON’T PANIC! Ask yourself these questions: Do I need to make a few new pins? Are my current pins being pinned to relevant boards? Are they optimized correctly for SEO? Should I change the amount I am pinning maybe upping my pin count by 5 or 6 pins?

It all comes down to effort and time. The Pinterest platform is much more complex than people realize. It’s a live working search engine, and it takes time to get in with the algorithm. And since they are constantly changing the algorithm, you have to constantly be changing how you pin!

If your current pinning strategy isn’t working you have to be willing to change things up! Even if it’s by creating brighter images that may not fit in with your brand! Step out of your comfort zone! It can pay off!

Don’t give up. I promise that with consistent effort and time, you WILL see results. But you HAVE to put in the work. You got this!

And if you are still confused by it all click here!

xo Megan