Pinterest Marketing Strategy Made Simple!

If you are one of the 322 MILLION active users on the Pinterest platform, and you find all things Pinterest Marketing confusing, you are not alone.

With having to properly optimize pins for SEO and create eye-catching designs that stand out to your audience, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Pinterest likes to prioritize fresh new content, which means they want you to constantly be creating fresh new pin images. Around 5-6 a week to really gain good traction.

Then you need to optimize them all with the correct SEO to help them gain even more traction. If your pins are not optimized, their reach properly will tank, even if the image is new.

A lot, right?

Well, I have created a SUPER affordable Pinterest Pin Membership just for you!

Here is what it includes:

  • Twenty-five new EDITABLE pin templates each month (they are Canva templates, and you can use the FREE version to edit them!) This gives you 5-6 new pins weekly that you don’t have to think about creating! You just add your wording, change any colors (and images if you want), and BOOM! You are all set!
  • A list of trending topics for that current month. This is important because if you know what is trending on Pinterest, you can create content that Pinterest will want to prioritize! 
  • A list of long-tailed keyword sentences for each Trending topic! This way, your pin description is properly optimized for SEO, and you don’t have to do any digging!
  • Access to the Trigger Word PDF so you can create wording that converts to website traffic!

How much is it? $15.00

YEP, you get everything above for only $15 a month! There is no joining fee, no cancelation fee, super simple!

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