It’s 2023! Can you believe it? I feel as if 2022 went by in about 5 minutes! 

But here we are, and the main question I have been getting lately is, “what best practices should we be using on Pinterest in 2023?” 

If you are new here, Hi! I’m Megan, and I have been working in the Pinterest Marketing Field since 2015! EIGHT years now! (Crazy) I have been through it all regarding Pinterest changes and shifts over the years. I also pride myself on staying CURRENT with Pinterest’s best practices and current pinning guidelines. 

It has been a while since I’ve blogged as I have a full client list AND have been busy learning everything I need to know about Pitnerest Ads! (So stay tuned for more info on that.)

Today is January 8th, and as I type this, it is 9:33 in the morning. So far today, I have already gotten over 2,000 pageviews to my website, JUST from Pinterest. 

Contrary to what some bloggers are saying, Pinterest is STILL a great FREE way to drive LOADS of traffic to your website. If you know how to use it properly. 

There are always tons of rumors floating around on what you should and should not be doing on Pinterest and I am here to tell you, it’s not as complicated as you think. One you get your account set up properly and stay consistent, the views will come. 

Let’s go over what you should be doing for 2023.


Pinterest is a search engine. (duh Megan, we know this) Well, you would be surprised how many users don’t know this. It’s the best kind of search engine as it’s ALL visual. When you pin a pin on Pinterest, it’s on the platform for LIFE. 

I have pins that are over six years old, sending me LOADS of traffic every day. 

Because Pinterest is a search engine, SEO plays the most crucial role when it comes to success on the platform. You want to make sure your ENTIRE profile is optimized correctly. From your handle to your display name, about me, and the, most important part, your boards. 

The Pinterest algorithm picks up on where your content is being pinned and if that content is being saved to a relevant board. It knows this because it not only picks up on the SEO of your pin but the SEO of the place it’s being saved to. So if your boards and pins are not optimized PROPERLY, your pin’s reach will be less than 80% of what it could be when it and your boards are optimized the right way. 

Keeping up? 


Pinning. The key to success on Pinterest is consistency. The algorithm picks up on how often you are actively sending out new content. And if you are active daily, your confidence score will go up, expanding your reach. 

Now I have read some CRAZY things when it comes to how much you should be pinning. 

Want to know something? 90% of my clients have GREAT success by only sending out one fresh new pin image a day. For the other 10%, we do two fresh new pin images a day. I have NEVER had to pin more than two fresh pins a day for any client. 

In fact, less is more when it comes to pinning. Pinning too much can bog down your SEO and get you flagged as spam. 

Focus on creating 7-14 FRESH new pin images each week. That’s it! I suggest trying a mix of static and Idea pins! Pinterest said they are Beta testing Idea Pin links right now. And they plan to roll out the linking feature to all users in early 2023. I CAN’T wait! 


While Pinterest is a GREAT marketing tool for your blog or business, it does NOT bring INSTANT results. I still see a lot of Pinterest experts promising this, and I feel it’s the reason so many users get discouraged and give up when they aren’t getting 1,000 daily pageviews after two months. 

This is a stat from a client of mine. We have been working together now for about 6 months. Her account had sat dormant for about a year so we were basically starting from scratch. 

Because of proper SEO and consistent pinning, her stats are slowly on the rise. We stuck with it, and it’s paying off in the form of CLICKS. 

So my advice to you, since you probably came to this post wanting to know where to start, is to take the time to PROPERLY set up your account. As I said, this will be the thing that makes or breaks you. 

Stay consistent. Make sure you are pinning within Pinterest’s current guidelines. (Such as not re-pinning the same image more than once.) 

And be patient. This proper SEO, pinning, and consistency WILL pay off. I promise! 

2023 is going to be YOUR year to succeed on Pinterest! 

And if you want to learn more about how to properly set up your account and learn more about pinning strategies and current guidelines, click HERE! 

Happy Pinning, 

xo Megan