Pinterest Marketing, what to know for 2024!

2024 is just a few weeks away, and with that, Pinterest has published its annual “Pinterest Predicts” trend report, which highlights some of the top rising trends based on search activity in the app and Pinterest’s analysis of where things are headed based on such.

While some bloggers and online business owners have been getting discouraged with their Pinterest reach not being what it used to be (we will get to this in a minute), the Pinterest platform is more beneficial than ever for online marketing. The number of active users from 2022-2023 grew by over 10%, bringing in over 450 MILLION monthly active users.

Based on current user growth rates, this number is expected to grow by nearly 20% in 2024.  

Pinterest’s ability to target a receptive audience is the #1 reason this platform outshines the rest. That and content lives for TEN TIMES longer on Pinterest than on any other social platform

A Facebook post has a 90-minute shelf life, whereas Instagram is a little longer, coming in at a whopping 20 hours. 

The average pin has a shelf life of 3.5 MONTHS. Not only that, pins that are 3, 4, or even 5 years old (and older) can pick up traction again, sending you tons of views without you having to touch a thing. I don’t know about you, but I am going to focus more on the platform where my content lives much longer! 

Here is what you want to know for 2024…

The New Pin Creation Tool 

Have you noticed a drop in your reach since the launch of the new Pin Creation tool? You are not alone

I have been working in Pinterest Marketing since 2015 so I have been around for about 20+ platform updates. And each and every time a new tool was introduced, you would see a drop in reach

That is because the algorithm is adapting to the new change. See, just 6 months ago, there were multiple “types” of pins on Pinterest: idea pins, carousel pins, video pins, and static pins. 

Now, with the rollout of the new pin creation tool, there is essentially only “one” type of pin. You no longer have the option to create idea or carousel pins. Unless you want to create an idea pin for an ad, now, you can only create video and static pins all within the new pin creation tool. 

This is nothing to stress about; this shift is normal. No, there hasn’t been a “crazy algorithm change,” the algorithm is ALWAYS changing; that is what algorithms do. With consistent and proper pinning, your numbers will start to go back up. I know it’s stressful to see a drop in reach, but it always comes back. 

Speaking of pinning, here is what you need to know for 2024

Sadly, there are still Pinterest experts out there teaching extremely outdated pinning strategies, which is a big reason many users are getting flagged as spam and/or have a very low reach and engagement rate. 

I had a student come to me last week because of her low reach. She took another Pinterest course before taking mine, and this course told her to create a pin and then send it to 5-7 different boards. This is a VERY VERY VERY VERY outdated strategy

Because she had been pinning that way, a spam filter was set off, and her reach plummeted. A lot of times, when this happens, new accounts need to be created because the account that was flagged can never recover. 

Here is what to focus on when it comes to your pinning in 2024: 

  • ONE: SEO. I will push this topic more than any topic I have ever talked about, and if you are a long-time follower or a student in my private group, you know this. Because Pinterest is a search engine, PROPER optimization of your account, boards, AND pins is crucial when it comes to reach and engagement. I still see SO much keyword stuffing and improperly optimized pins and boards. And while you may think that doesn’t matter it does. 

Here are TWO examples of why it does matter. These are 2 NEW accounts I manage; you normally don’t get a reach or engagement like this in the first month. But because boards are optimized properly along with pins, and we are pinning properly, you can see it works! The proof is in the SEO pudding

Account 1

Account 2

Here is another account from a new student who made a few simple SEO tweaks, and her numbers are starting to improve in only a WEEK! So this is why I preach SEO.

  • TWO: Proper pinning. You do NOT need to send out 10 pins a day, or even 5! In fact, pinning too much can set off a spam filter and hinder your reach. 95% of accounts see great reach, engagement, and growth with 1-2 fresh new pin images a day; that’s it! It doesn’t have to be a ton of work! 
  • THREE: Stop using TailWind and pinning to group boards. Okay, let me break that down more. If you are using the looping feature on Tailwind, STOP right now! Even with the pin being spaced out by weeks or months, you are still re-pinning the same image from your own account more than once. That can still flag an account as it’s seen as a “duplicate pin,” which is considered spam. If you haven’t been flagged yet, you will eventually. 

Group boards are a thing of the past UNLESS they are VERY niched down AND optimized properly. If you are sending your pin to a group board that is not niche or topic-specific, not properly optimized for SEO, and is filled with pins on multiple topics, the algorithm will have NO clue where your pin really belongs. That will not only hurt the reach of your pin but also your overall account performance. 

Remember, the algorithm favors relevancy. They want to see your recipe pin saved to a recipe board. And when it’s not, then it doesn’t know who to show your recipe pin to, and your reach will be in the single or double digits. 

Staying up to date on current pinning strategies and proper SEO will lock in your success on the platform. Pinterest sends me over 100K views to my website each month. It didn’t happen overnight, but all the work has been 150% worth it. 

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As always, 

Happy pinning! 

xo Megan