Pinterest Ninja

Struggling to get traffic to your site? Or just struggling to figure out how Pinterest really works?

Let me help you! 

I spent nearly $500 on Pinterest courses and I don’t want you to have to do the same! Pinterest is a massive traffic powerhouse and will be one of the most important tools you will ever use.

In fact, many webmasters report that Pinterest is creating more traffic for their websites than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+… combined!

Pinterest sends me (on average) 25K+ page views a month! And each month my views go up and up!

I created this book to help you master Pinterest and leverage it to your advantage. You can easily generate large amounts of high-quality traffic with minimal effort on your part.

What will I learn from Pinterest Ninja? 

  • How to start a blog in 15 min
  • Set up your Pinterest for Business account or convert your personal account to a business account
  • Confirm your website via Pinterest (to give your page a more professional look)
  • Enable rich pins (so people can pin directly from your post)
  • Brand your business (to give you a consistent and clean look)
  • Incorporate your brand into all your social media accounts
  • Create the perfect pin
  • Use Pinterest group boards to increase your traffic and help your pins go viral (30 of them and who to email to get an invite)
  • Use Facebook groups to grow your following (39 Facebook groups to join with direct links)
  • Use Pinterest to rapidly grow your email list (a step-by-step video tutorial)
  • How to use keywords to make your pins and boards go VIRAL 

New! A whole section with video tutorials! 

  • How to think of a topic to blog about, or how to do a post to promote one of your affiliates
  • How to search for trending keywords on Pinterest, this way you can incorporate them into your blog post and pin.
  • How to search for the perfect (free) stock images to go in your post, images that can be pinned directly from your post
  • How to create the perfect pin, one that will be re-pinned over and over!
  • How to market that pin and drive TONS of traffic to your post and site!

Will my traffic really increase? 

Yes! Check out one of my customers stats after putting the strategies from Pinterest Ninja into play! In April she had 749 views in May she had 3,581 views and in June she had 9,031 views and counting!  It works! And it’s SO easy to follow!

Holy page views Batman! 

Just think where your stats will be two months from now if your start today!

What else comes with Pinterest Ninja? 

Printable Worksheets!

Here are two of my favorites! 

The Ultimate Social Media Traffic Generator: This will show you exactly how to utilize each and every group you are a part of. It will break down exactly what each group can do for you such as: Pinterest re-pin threads, Stumble Upon, YouTube, getting your blog content shared, getting comments on your recent posts, twitter re-tweets, Instagram engagement, new followers on all your social media accounts, advice and tips from other bloggers, threads where you can promote your latest product, special or incentive, find other bloggers to collaborate with and SO MUCH MORE! It includes 39 Facebook Groups that are specifically for bloggers/business owners!



Weekly Pinterest Planner: Be efficient and get the most out of Pinterest with this weekly Pinterest planner! It will help you lay out your week, so you know what to focus on day to day without getting overwhelmed.




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Pinterest Ninja also includes: a FREE ConvertKit mini course (30 days of ConvertKit for FREE exclusively for my students) and over 100 custom pinterest board covers you can use to help give your page the professional touch it needs!

Click below to buy Pinterest Ninja for $14.99, trust me when I say you won’t regret it!  I am a stay at home Mom, I don’t have hours to spend every day promoting my blog, and I don’t want you to spend hours every day promoting yours either! So let Pinterest do the work for you! As you can see from the stats above, if you follow this guide step-by-step, you are sure to flourish!