Pinterest Numbers down? Should you delete your Pinterest account?

Raise your hand if your Pinterest numbers have dropped by over 50% without you changing a thing! 

Sadly, this “Pinterest glitch” is effecting 1,000’s of users and even worse it’s not being fixed. The glitch is marking users websites as spam. And the only notification you get is a significant drop in numbers. 

Here is what happens, your stats are doing well, you are getting a good reach on your pins, at least in the 1,000’s and then BOOM your reach is in the double or even single digits. 

You changed nothing. So now what? 

Let me chat about a few things first. 

Analytics and Metrics Change

If you have a new account, (like starting from scratch) it’s normal to have a lower reach. However, if your account is optimized properly for SEO and you are pinning correctly, your reach should still be in the 100’s. Even if you don’t have followers. 

Don’t instantly assume you have been effected by this glitch if your new account has low numbers. Make sure you are optimizing your boards, profile and pins properly for SEO. Aslo, make sure you are pinning according to the new Pinterest changes. If you need help with this click HERE

Your analytics re-set every 30 days. While they go up and down daily, they do a big re-set monthly. This happens on or around either the 1st or the 15th of each month. So if you notice a big drop then, you could have had pin or two performing well and then they fizzled out. That’s 100% normal. 

Here is an example

One of my client’s account was doing VERY well and then this: 

You shouldn’t go from the 1,000’s to 1 or 18 over night. If you do something is wrong. 

It took me THREE emails to Pinterest to finally get them to admit something was wrong. Their first two emails told me that nothing was wrong and that she just needed to focus on creating new content. Yeah, thanks for the copy and paste answer Pinterest. 

Finally I got MAD, below is my third email and their response. (Note I am reaching out via my client’s account) 

Even though they said they would “fix” her account, it’s been over a week and no such luck. So, because we need to keep traffic moving to her website I went and created a whole new account for her. 

It’s less than a week old and here is her reach. 

Much better right? 

Now, here is what I did. 

  • Kept the sameish name, but added “blog” behind it. 
  • I didn’t delete the other account, YET. I am going to give it another week or two, do some test pins and see what happens. This happened to ANOTHER client and it’s been over a month of them saying they will fix it and nothing has happened. 
  • I added her same website but I DID NOT claim it yet or enable rich pins. As you can see for a new account she is still getting a decent reach for being less than a week old. (proper optimization and pinning) 

So the question is, if this happens to you, should you start a new account? YES. You can always go back and delete it if they eventually fix your old account. But waiting is losing you traffic! And you will get 100% confirmation if your new account has a better reach. 

If you feel your account has been flaged, check out this post on how to reach out to Pinterest and file a claim. If they give you a copy and past answer keep pushing if you really think something is wrong! 

And if you want to learn how to master Pinterest, click here

As always, happy pinning! 

xo Megan