Pinterest SEO Checklist and Guide

Pinterest SEO can be confusing! Heck, Pinterest can be confusing.

And Im guessing since you made it to this post, you are a little lost when it comes to Pinterest SEO.

I am going to keep this short and sweet!

I’m Megan; I’m a Pinterest Marketing Expert & Educator who has been working in Pinterest marketing since 2015.

The #1 error I see when people come to me for account audits due to a low reach is improper Pinterest SEO OR no SEO at all.

When using Pinterest for your business, remember it’s a search engine! So optimizing your account, boards, and pins the right way will make or break you when it comes to getting your content seen.

I created a FREE Pinteret SEO Guide and Checklist to help you set up your account correctly from start to finish! So you can start driving free traffic to your website, online store, or email list!


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