Pinterest SEO, other than creating new pins, it’s the most critical and crucial part of being successful on the Pinterest Platform.

It’s also a step that gets skipped or is done improperly very often. And while most people think they can create a cute pin and then upload it to Pinterest, it will do well. Seasoned and successful Pinterest users know there is a lot more to it.

What you need to know going into 2022. 

A few things to go over before we talk about SEO. 

First, if you are new to the Pinterest Platform OR you have an old account you are trying to bring back to life, please know that you will NOT see instant results overnight. 

Because Pinterest is a search engine and pulls from SEO, it takes TIME and constancy for content to start ranking. Pins do not pick up as fast as they used to. The key is to pin new fresh SEO-optimized images every day. Pinterest has a free scheduler you can use to batch Crete pins and then set them to post throughout the week. So really, you only need to dedicate about an hour a week to pin creation and scheduling. 

Now, this could change as Pinterest’s algorithm changes often. But another thing to keep in mind is that even if the algorithm changes, SEO and pinning frequency ALWAYS stays the same

Is Pinterest worth all the work? 

YES. Here is my traffic from today, 12-8-21

However, my traffic only got this way from consistency, and proper SEO. 

Now to SEO! 

There are 5 crucial places you want to make sure you include Proper Pinterest SEO on your profile. 

#1, your handle.

If you want your entire account to rank under a specific keyword, you want to add it to your handle. I always rank in the top 5 when you search Pinterest Marketing 


#2 Your display name. 

Now I want to note you can not add “Pinterest” to your display name anymore; I was grandfathered in. So if this is your niche, you may want to use digital marketing or social media marketing. While using the | symbol is OK for your display name, you do NOT want to use that symbol when optimizing anywhere else on your profile for SEO.


#3 your “about me”

Having 1-2 long-tailed keyword sentences here is very important too! Be sure NOT to keyword stuff! Your keywords must be laid out correctly in order to work.


#4 Your Board Titles and Descriptions. 

Pinterest favors relevancy. So you want to pin your SEO optimized pin to your SEO optimized board. This will help content rank faster and show Pinterest you are creating quality content. You want to use trending keywords for your board’s title and description.


#5, your Pin Titles and Descriptions. 

This is also a part I see skipped often when I do audits for accounts that are not performing well. You have to have an SEO-optimized title AND description if you want your pin to be seen!


Even if you have an older account you want to bring back to life, be sure to go through it and make sure your entire account is up to date with proper SEO! As you can see, it pays off!

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and Proper Pinterest SEO, click HERE! 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan