Pinterest Strategist vs Pinterest Virtual Assistant

What is the difference between the two? Because, contrary to popular belief, there is a HUGE difference!

Let’s start with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

What does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is someone who manages another person’s or business’s Pinterest account. They are responsible for creating new content, scheduling pins out, and monitoring the overall performance of their account and pins.

It takes a lot of work to keep a Pinterest account up and running; that is why the need and demand for specialized Pinterest VA’s are on the rise.

Now, what does a Pinterest Strategist do?

A Pinterest strategist does just that, focuses on strategy.

I am a Pinterest strategist. I have spent the last 5+ years immersing myself in all things, Pinterest Marketing and strategy. And I continue to do so!

A Pinterest strategist is a person who is looking at profile analytics and studying metrics. They are seeing what pins are converting to clicks and which ones are not.

If a pin isn’t converting they are going to figure out why. They are going to see if they can create a new pin that links to the same content but will convert better then the last. They will try new wording, imaging, and keywords.

They are going to monitor your analytics to see if traffic drops. If it does, they will work to find a pin count and schedule that works for YOU. They will change the ratio of pins you are sending out daily; they will monitor which boards your pins are being sent to and if they are beneficial to your reach.

Pinterest Strategist focuses on what’s best for you and your business.

Can you be both?


A good Pinterest VA would also want to be a Pinterest strategist.

This way, they can be 100% successful in driving new and more traffic to their client’s websites.

Pinterest is so much more than pinning and re-pinning. In order to be successful on the platform, you need to know every single aspect of how it works and you have to keep up on how and when it changes. Because it happens, A LOT!

The good thing is I can help you with BOTH!

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Happy Pinning!

xo Megan