Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs. Q and A’s with self-trained Pinterest Virtual Assistants

“How to Become a Pinterest Manager” 

“Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs” 

“How to work from home as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant” 

Those are currently the top 3 most searched keyword sentences on Pinterest regarding becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. 

But why has this topic and career taken off so much in the past two years? 

Here are a few Pinterest stats that may help answer that question: 

  1. Pinterest is the 14th largest social network in the WORLD, beating both Twitter AND Reddit. 
  2. There are roughly 431 MILLION active users on the Pinterest platform every month. 
  3. Pinterest’s revenue increased by over 20% in Q4 of 2021. With more online stores and business owners realizing the potential the platform has for traffic and sales. Pinterest even said it was “driven by strong demand from retail advertisers.
  4. 75% of weekly Pinterest users say they are “always shopping.” Thus bringing more and more businesses to the platform every single day. 

However, the biggest issue with Pinterest Marketing is that a VAST majority of users do not know how to use the platform correctly. And then, in turn, don’t see the desired results they expect to get from pinning on Pinterest.

So many people assume it’s as simple as creating an account, setting up a few boards, and creating a couple of cute pins.

When in fact, it’s SO much more in-depth than that.

And while there are many Social Media managers in this online world, Pinterest is VERY different than Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. And it takes someone who specializes in it to see the success, so many users want and need from the platform.

Thus, expanding the LARGE need for specialized Virtual Assistants. The need for Pinterest Virtual Assistants will only grow as more and more businesses take to Pinterest for traffic and advertising.

I know reading reviews on a course can help sway your decision in whether you want to make a purchase. But I have found that providing interviews with my real-life students and talking about their success and struggles can help readers relate personally. And help  make a more informed decision on whether or not this career would be a good fit for them.

You can read my first couple of interviews here. I have brought this series back as it’s a popular one! (So stay tuned for MANY more interviews in the weeks to come!) 

Here is an interview with one of my long-time students, Christina. She has put in the work and now runs a successful Pinterest VA business. With ten clients, she has been able to help with the family budget and save enough for her and her husband to start going on vacations.

Christina’s Interview

  1. What made you want to become a Pinterest VA?

I have always been a Pinterest addict!  I would spend several hours a day scrolling the feed! After I started my first furniture flipping blog four years ago, I used Pinterest to promote my blog.  Once I decided I no longer wanted to flip furniture, I turned my sights to becoming a Pinterest VA.

      2. Did you have any Pinterest experience before starting?

The only experience I had was using Pinterest to promote my blog.  When I decided to set my sights on becoming a Pinterest Manager, it was time to up my Pinterest game skills and knowledge.  I knew my Pinterest skills needed improving.  Word in the Facebook blogging groups was that Pinterest Ninja by Megan was the course to take!

While I was hesitant to pay for a course, the free courses that I had completed weren’t providing me with the top-notch skills that I needed to serve my clients properly.  And, there was no after-the-course support provided.  Megan’s Pinterest Ninja and VA Ninja courses both contained up-to-date information and how to use proper Pinterest tactics.  It blew my mind to read about keywords and SEO, which I had never thought about implementing on Pinterest!  I could not believe that I was doing it all wrong!  Her top-notch support was by far the best in the business. Both of these courses are the foundation for the success of my Pinterest VA business today.

      3. Do you or did you have another job?

I was a full-time furniture flipping blogger.  Due to an arm injury, I had to give up my furniture flipping days.  That is when I decided to start my very own Pinterest VA business.

      4. How long did it take to land a client?

After completing both of Megan’s courses, it took me only two weeks to land my first client!  I was ecstatic!  I implemented everything she taught me in the VA Ninja, and BAM, it worked!

       5. How many clients do you have now?

Currently, I have ten clients.  Of those ten, I create pin graphics for three.

       6. How many hours a day/week do you work?

I currently work around 15 hours a week.  I also read Megan’s blog and scroll through her Facebook group daily.  They are great resources to keep me informed of new Pinterest practices and trends.  Megan is excellent at keeping us up-to-date!  She not only gives us current Pinterest news, but she answers questions quickly.  She also does Facebook Live sessions that are so helpful!

      7. How has having the extra income helped you?

My goal after starting my Pinterest VA business was pretty simple.  I wanted to help provide for a portion of the family budget.  When I first started, my goal was to make enough per month to pay for my car payment.  Now, not only do I provide income for our family budget, my husband and I can take vacations that we have always dreamed about with the extra income!

      8. What would you say your biggest struggle was? 

My number one struggle was fear. The fear of others thinking I was stupid and, quite frankly,  the fear of being rejected.  The fear that my talents just were not going to be good enough.  For example, I would spend literally hours creating one pin graphic!  And after finally completing the graphic, I struggled with sharing it with my client.  Will they like it?  Will they think it looks ridiculous?  The struggle was real!  It took a lot of sticky notes with positive quotes placed around my office to get my mindset where it needed to be.  You will experience fear, but do not let it overcome you.  You can do this!  This is another good reason why I love Megan’s Facebook group and why it’s an important part of my daily routine.  Not only do we get our questions answered, there are other Pinterest VA’s who will support you and lift you up! 

Christina has worked so hard, and I am so proud of her! It’s fantastic to see students have such incredible success!

I encourage you to check out Christina’s website here and see if you can gain a little inspiration for yourself!

And if you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you can click here! 

As always,

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan