Pinterest’s 2020 Algorithm Update

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Who is over Pinterest’s constantly changing algorithm? SAME

But alas, they have done yet another update that changes the way content is prioritized. BUT not completely. (I’ll get to that in a minute.) 

If you are new to this whole Pinterest thing and have no clue what an algorithm is, let me quickly break it down for you. An algorithm is a process of rules and calculations. All Social Media, platforms and search engines have algorithms in place to help weed out bad content from good content. To put it simply!

And due to a constantly changing world wide web, you will see constantly changing algorithms.

So what is Pinterest looking for now?

When I say, things did not completely change, I meant it. Pinterest does and has always prioritized fresh NEW content. They don’t want to be filling our feeds with pins we have seen a million times. They want to keep showing us fresh new ideas!

Some not so true facts, you always have to have a new URL. Yes and no.

Yes, if you have a new URL and a new pin image, that pin will be bumped to the very top for distribution.

Will you flop if you simply create a new pin image and link it to an old post? No. 

See, this is still the best way to see what works in terms of conversion, (seeing what pin image/wording converts to website traffic.) If you are adding a fresh new image, your pin will still get bumped to the top. Because the IMAGE is new and something others have not seen yet.

TIP: Try adding a different SEO rich description to your new pin (linking to an old post) to see if you can get an even further reach than the old pin! 

Be careful how you pin content.

This also has always been something that you want to pay close attention to. Pinning the same URL back to back will most likely get you flagged as spam and your account suspended. And those who have had it happen can tell you it takes a LONG time to get that sorted out.

TailWind has a great new feature called “All Clear.”

This new feature helps YOU to make sure your content is spaced out JUST right! Allowing you to have an optimal reach and a low chance of getting flagged by Pinterest’s spam filters. It allows me to schedule my pins in 2-day intervals, making sure they are adequately spaced out!

This is a pretty sweet new feature, and I have only seen growth since using it! I still average 600 to 1,000+ new followers a month!

If you are going to invest in anything when it comes to Pinterest, TailWind is 150% worth it! Schedule your first 100 pins for FREE here!

Are group boards dead?

No, they are not dead. HOWEVER, the same rule still comes to play. Only pin relevant content to relevant boards. With the way the algorithm and SEO work, they will prioritize your pin even more if you are pinning fitness content to fitness bords or travel content to travel boards.

Do you have to use group boards? No, you can still get a good reach as long as you have optimized all of your nich boards properly for SEO!

Will you hear a million and five different opinions on all of this? You SURE will!

Keep in mind, what works for one content creator will NOT work for the next. So try not to listen to those who say, “you have to do THIS to be successful on Pinterest.”

Pinterest is 150% trial and error! It takes time to see what works for your audience and what doesn’t. 

Don’t let this new change freak you out too much! Keep in mind that monthly Pinterest views are a straight-up vanity number. You need to stay focused on conversion and what is bringing you actual website traffic!

Keep creating new content/images weekly, and you will be ok!

And if Pinterest has you completely stumped, you can click here!

Happy Pinning,

xo Megan