99% of the time before someone follows you on Pinterest they are going to briefly look over your page. So the way your profile picture, bio and boards look will either make them want to follow you or not. Having your page look professional is not only key for gathering followers, but gathering the right followers.

Here you will learn how to create a professional Pinterest Page! Everything you will need to get you started towards Pinterest success!

Here we go!

Step 1: Have a profile picture that reflects you! I am still in the process of getting professional pictures taken for my blog, but having a profile picture with a picture of you is what your followers want to see. They don’t want to see a logo or a random image, that will drive them away. For all they know you could be a fake profile who wants to spam them! So even if you don’t have a professional picture of yourself, a current photo will do!

Step 2: Write a short but sweet bio. In a couple sentences describe what you do. Tip: I use the same tag line that I have on my website. It not only tells my followers what I do but it’s consistent with my brand. Here is my Pinterest bio, “Helping Moms to find their perfect niche and turn it into a money making business!” It’s short and lets my followers know exactly what I do!

Step 3: Obviously you want to include the name of your company in your title but also include key search words that describe what you do. Why do you want to use keywords? Pinterest is a search engine that works just like Google, Yahoo or bing! However Pinterest is all visual which I think makes it even better! So because of this you have to use SEO strategies when it comes to your account and your pins. When you use the right keywords in the right places your followers will grow and grow and grow! As you can see in mine I used the words: Blogger, Mompreneur and Time Management, all key words that pertain to what I do.

Step 4: The very first board on your page should be solely dedicated to your business. This board will also show up at the very top of your page. This way your followers will see what you do when they first click on your page.

Step 5: To edit all the information above click on your profile picture on the top right corner and this drop down box will appear. Then you will click on “settings”

Step 6: Here you will click on “profile” and you can change your profile picture, type your bio, and edit any other business information!


And there you have it! Want to make your Pinterest account even more professional? Then enter your info below and get over 100 FREE custom board covers!

xo Megan