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What is a “batch day”? That is a day you dedicate to ONE specific thing, it is all you will focus on for one day and nothing else!

Why are batch days beneficial? Because, you plan out and schedule your whole month in ONE day. When I first started blogging I would wait until the last min to write a blog post and send it out to my email list. Not only did I feel super rushed, but my content was lacking. And if you are like me with two kids and a crazy schedule, waiting until the last min to do it all is not ideal!

Get Organized

Planning things out in advance will not only benefit your content, but instead of going into panic writing mode and blogging about whatever comes to your mind; you can write content that will help promote your services or affiliates you want to market and you will have a MUCH higher chance of generating MORE sales.

By being organized you will be much more strategic with your posts, they will flow better and you have the potential to engage with many more readers this way.

Now I know you are thinking, “I don’t have a WHOLE day to dedicate to my blog.” I am not saying sit down for 8 hours at a time and do it all, but anytime you have a free min or two during your batch day, sit down, jot down ideas and write!

Batch days have changed my blog and life! Seriously.

The fact that I wake up Monday knowing my email will automatically be sent, my blog posts will post on all of my Social Media accounts and all of my pins are scheduled for the week, alleviates SO much stress. And this way I can focus on my game plan for the next month. My engagement, re-pins, comments and email subscribers have all been on the rise because of this. 

I see so many people say they create 3-5 new posts a week. STOP! Take those posts and spread them out! People don’t want to get 3+emails form you in a week. Just like you don’t want to get 3+ emails from the same person in a week. Your unsubscribe rate will thank you if you stick to one new, high quality, money generating post a week.

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