The 4 Elements of Creating Inspiring Content on Pinterest in 2024

2024 brings a new year and new chances to level up your online marketing. Today, I will talk about inspiring content ideas on Pinterest to help get YOUR target audience more interested and engaged in what you are pinning! 

There are 4 elements to look at when it comes to Inspiration for Pinterest Content. 

Doing What Works

Doing what is already working on Pinterest can significantly benefit not only your reach but also your engagement. 

If you have a Pinterest for business account that has been active for 2+ months AND you have been consistently pinning, you can use your analytics to see what content of yours is popular with YOUR audience right now. 

Let’s take a look at my top 4 posts in my analytics. 

You can see my top post, “The 4 factors that make your Pinterest pins searchable.” Here are the metrics for that pin. 

You can also see my #4 post, which is a pin on the SAME topic, “The 4 factors that make your Pinterest pins searchable.” Below is a pin I made about 2 weeks ago because THIS specific topic was so popular with my audience right now. 

Here are the metrics after two weeks for the new pin I created linking to the same topic/content. In just two weeks, I have already reached 41K users with a new pin. But I knew this pin would do well because my analytics told me what my audience is interested in now. 

Remember, you don’t have to be constantly coming up with 100’s of new blogging or product ideas on Pinterest to grow your account. Your analytics are a window into what your specific audience is interested in and engaging with. 

This also can help you get more inspiration on content creation moving forward. I know my audience is interested in getting more traffic from Pinterest and increasing their reach. And any of my pins pertaining to that always do very well. 

Visually Appealing

Pinterest is a visual search engine. So, making a pin that stands out and grabs your audience’s attention is very important. 

Factors to keep in mind when it comes to pin design: 

  • Easy-to-read wording.
  • Keywords or essential words that stand out more than others. 
  • Utilizing different fonts and font colors. 
  • Make your products or key idea the hero of the image! 
  • Branding: you will probably read mixed reviews on this, and if you have ever looked at my Pinterest page, you know I like to play around with design! 

For me, changing up my design/colors/fonts has worked very well for my specific audience. However, many of my clients have a very branded look to their pin design, and that also works very well for them. 

I have been doing this for 9 years now and am very much a promoter of finding what works best for YOUR business. And that may include playing around with the looks of your pins to see what “style” gets the most engagement. 


Making sure the content you are sharing with your audience is relevant to your blog/brand/business. And relevant to what is trending now. You don’t want to be showing your readers content that no longer applies to the time we are in. 

As a business owner/blogger, I am constantly thinking of new, relevant ways to serve my audience. The key to keeping them coming back is to consistently provide them with helpful and relevant content. Makes sense, right? 

To piggyback on my first point, I am doing what works and learning from that to hone in on what specific content they are most interested in so I can create more of it. 

More content that is helpful to them, showing them, “Hey! I truly care about your success on this platform, so I am going to keep dishing out helpful tips.” 

This not only ushers a level of trust with your audience but also brings up my engagement and my reach. It also pays off on the other side by growing my email list, bringing me new clients, and course sales. 


Creating designs and content that inspire your audience to do something is important. 

For example, this post. I am writing this post in hopes of inspiring YOU, my reader, to dive more into Pinterest Marketing and truly understand how beneficial it can be for your blog or online business. 

How does your blogging content or product inspire your audience? How can you positively affect them? Connect with your audience on their struggle points. When they see that you are answering their question or you’re relevant to them, they are not only going to click on your pin, but they are going to keep coming back for more. 

What to focus on in 2024 

As I mentioned above, I have been working in Pinterest Marketing for 9 years now. I have worked with hundreds of clients in just about every single niche you could think of. 

At the end of the day, when creating content/pins or selling products that can genuinely serve and help your readers, you will continue to see consistent growth on the platform and keep your readers coming back for more. 

My top tip on account growth if you are new to Pinterest or have been on it for a while now but you just aren’t seeing the reach or engagement you want is to re-visit your account, board, and pin SEO. 

If you aren’t a new reader of mine, you have probably read dozens of my posts on Pinterest talking about the importance of PROPER SEO on Pinterest. It is a search engine, after all, and if your content and the boards you are saving your content to are not optimized correctly, your reach will be about 80% less than what it could be if it’s done right. 

Also, making sure you are up-to-date on Pinterest’s current best practices and pinning strategies. Pinning with out-of-date pinning practices can get you shadowbanned or flagged FAST and could be the reason your reach and engagement are so low. 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest SEO and current pinning practices for 2024, click HERE

OR if you don’t think you have the time to do it yourself and you want more personalized help, you can click HERE! 

As always, 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan