The 6 Elements of a Viral Pinterest Pin

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What does “viral” mean in the Pinterest world?

Each content creator will have a different view of what the word “viral” means to them when it comes to a Pinterest Pin. Some look at the reach of the pin; some look at the saves or re-pins, and some look at conversion.

I look at all 3!

For me to consider a pin “viral,” I want to see at LEAST 10K views, 1K saves, and at least 500+ link clicks. Now, I do let certain numbers vary. For example, here is a pin of mine that has been doing very well with 46.4K impressions, 398 saves, and 1.1K link clicks in the last 24 hours.

To me, I consider this a viral pin. It’s sending me 1,000+ DAILY pageviews!

So what are the six elements that help to make a pin go viral? I will tell you!

1. Catchy Wording

The #1 reason people click from your pin to your website is that the wording on the pin catches their attention. You want it to be BIG and bright, and you want it to make them interested in what it links to!

2. Fonts

You want to use at least two different fonts. 90% of the time, I use a script front and a regular font. This way, I can make specific words to stand out over others. In the example above, I emphasized “Pinterest” and “for beginners” because if this pin appears in a smartfeed, It is most likely appearing because someone is looking for Pinterest marketing tips, so I want that to stand out and grab their attention!


Another important aspect is helping those specific words stand out not only by using a different font but by using different colors. Bright colors help words to pop! Make sure you are using colors that are darker and easier to read.

4. Image

The image you use on your pin needs to pertain to what you are marketing. This pin is about Pinterest Marketing. So I have different blogging tools and an image of my Pinterest page. Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine, so the algorithm also pulls from the images on your actual pin. Using an image of food on a pin about marketing would not help the reach of that pin at all. It would “confuse” the algorithm and hurt your reach.

5. Image name

Yep, I am talking about the .png name of your actual pin. This is another element that comes into play when we are talking about SEO. You want the image name to reflect what your pin is about, so, it helps the algorithm shoot your pin out into the Pinterest world even further!

6. SEO!

The most important part! You want to have an SEO detailed pin description! Using longtailed keyword sentences to help your pin trend!

If you make sure you cover all six bases when creating a new Pinterest pin, you will be 150% on track to have your pin go viral! Please know it can take 2+ weeks for a pin to gain traction and for you to get a solid idea of how the pin is performing.

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Happy pinning!

xo Megan