The most common Pinterest questions, answered!

If you have been dabbing in the world of Pinterest Marketing you know there are ALWAYS rumors flying around about what is and isn’t right. Or about what Pinterest wants now in terms of pinning and content creation. 

It’s VERY hard to not listen to what you hear in your Facebook Groups. The BEST place to check for any big updates would be HERE. Sign up for their Pinterest for business newsletter! Each month they share new insights, best practices, case studies and more.

I have seen quite a few “Pinterest experts” who run these groups spreading VERY false information. And not only does that end up making them look bad, but they are giving their groupies incorrect info that can hurt their account! I see it DAILY!
While the algorithm changes often, best practices don’t. And when they do, Pinterest announces it. They don’t leave us high and dry about everything! So click the link above before you even continue reading and sign up for their newsletter!

What I know to be 100% certain! 

Luckily I have a hook up at corporate who has been able to verify a TON of info for me! So I will share it all with you now! I will try and keep this page updated with what’s current as much as I can! 

1. What is considered “fresh new content?” 

A new pin image. Someone said to me last week, “I heard in another group they want new URLs each time you post a new pin.” Not only is this VERY false, but that would also be a ton of work, and Pinterest would lose a lot of content creators over it. Who has time to write 10 new blog posts each week? I sure don’t! 

What you want to do if you are using an old URL: Make sure the layout of the pin is different; if you are using a stock photo, make sure it’s one you haven’t used before, change up the wording on the pin to see if you can get better conversion. Think about updating the pin’s SEO (title and description) to see if you can get an even better reach than before. 

You do NOT Need a new URL each time! Make sure the URL you are linking content to is leading to a working page. Linking to a bad URL (page not found) isn’t a good idea. 

2. New accounts should take off pretty fast.

FALSE. Even with a properly optimized account and pins, it takes time for the algorithm to pick up your content and for it to start ranking under certain keywords. Be patient. Keep pinning! It will happen! Just not overnight. 

Take the time to learn how to properly use the platform and how to properly optimize everything for SEO. Pinterest is a search engine after all! 

3. You need to pin a pin more than once to get a good reach. 

Also FALSE. It’s actually not good to re-pin the same pin image more than once, MAYBE TWICE (via your own account). I would upload your pin to the most relevant board first. Then at LEAST 24 hours later, you can pin it to your main blog board. After that, let Pinterest do the work!

4. You need to upload 10 new pins daily! 

saw a “Pinterest expert” telling her groupies this in her Facebook group. I was SHOCKED. 

Not only can your account get shut down if you are uploading that many pins at once, but pinning too much can hurt the reach of your pins. Pinterest wants new content. 2-4 new images daily is a safe starting point. You can go up from there IF you want to try it out and see what works best for YOU. But start slow. A quick change in your pinning strategy can alert the spam filters fast! 

5. You need group boards to be successful. 

False again! Pinterest actually isn’t a huge fan of them UNLESS they are niche-specific and properly optimized for SEO. Free for all group boards can hurt you.

However, as long as your niche boards on your profile are optimized properly, you are golden!


Remember try not to get hung up on the rumors! Sign up for the newsletter (click on the image above) so you are one of the first to know if there are any big changes. Pinterest WILL let us know if anything big changes in terms of best practices, they do want us to use the platform correctly so they won’t keep us in the dust! 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan 


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