The secret to getting 9K+ DAILY pageviews from Pinterest!

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The secret is…

THERE IS NO secret! But my pin got you to click over to this post right?

It solely comes down to putting in the time to LEARN about how the platform works, implementing everything you have learned, and a TON of dedication!

But, don’t think I am not going to give you a few killer tips to help you build a rock-solid Pinterest platform!

First things first, if you have been following me for the past 6+ years in my Pinterest marketing journey, you know I HATE HATE HATE it when people talk about their monthly Pinterest views. Drives me completely bonkers! 

YES, having more views means you have a better reach, but that could be it! Your Monthly Pinterest views are made up of how many different smart feeds your pin as appeared in; it DOES NOT mean people are interacting with it.

Here are my current monthly Pinterest views. And from the image above you can see I received over 9K PAGEVIEWS from Pinterest to my website in one day. So again, try not to let people get into your head when they say having 1 million monthly Pinterest views matters! It doesn’t! Please note, I don’t get 9K every single day. I average about 100 to 150K monthly views from Pinterest.  A decent amount of my Pinterest traffic also comes from ranking on Google via Pinterest. Which won’t necessarily reflect in your Pinterest analytics. This is why I use JetPack on the back end of my website.

Here is an example. I created this pin a two days ago, and my reach is AWESOME (9.4k), BUT my conversion is terrible, (5)

Now, this pin has only been active for two days, so I normally give it 7-10 days to see if it starts to convert well because the conversion stats CAN change! 

I uploaded the below pin the SAME day as the pin above, and even though the reach is much less, the conversion is ten times higher, again it has only been on Pinterest for two days. 

Here is the kicker, each one of these pins links to the SAME post.

What does this tell me? It tells me that even though the SEO is the EXACT same for each post (because I copied and pasted it), the image and wording on Pin #2 are grabbing more users’ attention and making them want to click over to my site! I used brighter colors, and I made the word “viral” stand out more.

Even if two weeks down the road, the first pin still has low conversion, I WON’T delete it. It COULD pick up traction months later. So the best thing to do is to learn and creating something totally different in imaging and wording to see if that will convert better!

Right now the key to gaining traction on Pinterest is creating AT LEAST 4-5 new pin IMAGES a week. Now more than EVER Pinterest wants more, new fresh images. It’s OK if they link to an older post! But keep creating new images weekly if you want to really get things moving! 

Here are a few of my A+ students who have dedicated a lot of time and work into turning their Pinterest accounts around! AS you can see, they all mention implementing strategies and taking the time to put in the work! Pinterest can be a lot! Simply reading through a course or numerous blog posts, will not help you, you HAVE to make changes as you go!

Remember to take your time, takes notes, and slow down! It won’t happen overnight. VERY new Pinterest accounts can take MONTHS to start gaining a lot of traction, so you have to be patient!


Try not to stress over the number of Pinterest followers you have either; they don’t matter when it comes down to it!

Take your time, put in the work, and you will see your Pinterest numbers rise! And keep creating new images! 

And if all of this has you confused, click here! 

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan