Tips For Better Pinterest Pin Conversion!

Raise your hand if you think getting traffic from Pinterest is HARD!


Even after 6 years of working in the Pinterest marketing field, I still create pins that flop sometimes! And that’s ok! 

It’s actually a good thing when this happens! Why, do you ask? Because you can learn from those pins! Obviously, that first pin didn’t work, so we are going to make the next one different to see if it can convert better. 

If you are brand new here, conversion on Pinterest is getting someone to click over from your Pinterest pin to your website. But sadly, it’s not as easy as uploading a pin to the platform. 

Here are some tips to help you out! 


Pinterest pulls from images as well. So you want to make sure you are including a stock image that pertains to what you are linking your pin to. If the pin’s image doesn’t align with the content the pin links to, the pin can be shown to the wrong audience and totally flop. Plus, you don’t want a pin about fashion to have an image of food on it. Make sense? 

You can see that most of my pins have to do with Pinterest Marketing. So most of my images have someone working or keyboards! 

This seems like a small thing, but it’s actually crucial! 


As you can see from the pin image above, I use different fonts to emphasize different words; the words I want to stand out a little more. 

The pin on the left I made “money” in a different font because if this pin appears in someone’s smart feed, it’s probably because they are searching up how to make money on Pinterest, so I want the money to stand out! 

The pin on the right may appear in a smart feed if someone searches up “how to increase website traffic with Pinterest.” So I made the words “Tons of traffic” stand out. 

Using different fonts helps to grab user’s attention and therefore helps with conversion. 


I realize bright colors may not fit in with everyone’s brand. But sometimes, they help things stand out on a smart feed full of pins, which is what you want! So if your first pin had mild coloring and didn’t convert well, try stepping out of your comfort zone for your next pin to see if you can get more interaction with it! 

Trigger words! 

A trigger word is a word that causes an action. So when you add them to your pins, it can help with conversion. Trigger word examples are: must-have, simple, easy, can’t live without, DIY, and so on! Now I don’t always add these to my pins to start, but if I have a pin that totally flops, when I create a new image, I will re-word it and add a trigger word in! 

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Proper SEO

Lastly, if your pins are not optimized properly for SEO, no one will be able to see the beautiful pin you just created! Take the time to learn proper Pinterest SEO. To go along with that, Pinterest takes TIME. Just like with Google or any other search engine, your content will NOT rank overnight. It takes time, effort, and consistent pinning to see results. KEEP going! It will happen! 

The KEY, the ultimate key when it comes to Pinterest pin conversion, is TRIAL and ERROR. There is no quick fix or easy solution! But hard work pays off! I get 100K views a month to my website now from Pinterest, sometimes MORE! But it did take longer than 3 months, so don’t give up! 

And of course, if all of this has you SUPER confused, click here

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan