Top tips for staying out of Pinterest Jail

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Pinterest Jail is a place you don’t want your Pinterest account to end up in. It seems to be happening to more and more users lately and I wanted to give you my top tips for avoiding Pinterest Jail and keeping your account in good standing! Especially if Pinterest is your #1 traffic source like me! Having your account suspended would be no Bueno!

#1 Space out your content

What do I mean by that? You don’t want to be pinning the same URL back to back to back.

You DONT want your header to look like this:

That is the quickest way to catch the eye of Pinterest’s spam filters and get your account suspended.

PLUS, it’s TERRIBLE for the reach of your pin. This post can shed more light.

Now, you may have more than one pin that links to the same blog post, but the pin images vary, like this:

It’s okay to pin them all in the same day, but you want to make sure you are spacing them out. Morning, noon, and night. This way, they aren’t back to back, and you are reaching different users who are active on the platform at different times throughout the day.

Best way to accomplish this with ease? Sign up for a Pinterest approved pin scheduler like TailWind. It’s 150% worth the investment, and by scheduling your content with TailWind, you are easily able to space it out adequately and not have to worry about pinning all day long because it will do all the work for you! You can learn more about TailWind here and then take my FREE tutorial here!

If you are manually pinning, that’s okay too. Again, just be sure to space your content out.

2. Make sure you aren’t pinning content that links to spam

Many users have been getting notifications from Pinterest, telling them they have pinned content that links to spam. And that if they keep doing it their account will get shut down or suspended since it goes aginst their spam policy.

Now I know you are thinking, who in the world has the time to check out every single pin they are pinning to their niche boards?

No one!

However, there is one pretty fool proof way to know if a pin’s content is spam or not without having to check it out.

The pin count.

In most cases (not all, but most) pins with over 100+ re-pins aren’t linking to spam. Those pins have been read and saved by users and are your safest bet when it comes to saving content to your niche boards.

If you have TailWind you can see the pin count easily by looking here:


If you are manually pinning just be sure to look at the total re-pin count on the pin before scheduling.


Now I do understand that a pin doesn’t start out with 100+ repins, so I am not saying all content that has a low number of re-pins is linked to spam. This is just a pinning method that has work for me when it comes to making sure all content I pin is legit.

If it’s a post you are interested in, but it has a low pin count, click on it and check it out before pinning.

What do to if you end up in Pinterest Jail

Contact Pinterest. 99% of the time when you get the dreaded email saying your account was suspended there will be information on how to get it back up and running.

Explain to them that you understand the error and that it, in fact, was an error and will not happen again.

Normally your account will be back up and running within a few days.

BUT by following my two top rules, you can drastically decrease your chance of ending up in Pinterest Jail!

And if all this Pinterest business has you totally confused, click here!

Happy Pinning!

Xo Megan