Trigger words for optimal Pinterest pin conversion!

What is a trigger word?

To break it down super simple, a Trigger word is a word that encourages someone to “act.” It’s a word that subconsciously spikes curiosity and gives you the urge to want to know more.

So you can see, they are crucial when it comes to the wording on your pin’s design. Yes, users can see a description, but when they see your pin from their smartfeeds, they can only see a small portion of the wording below the pin. So, the wording you use on your actual pin image is just as important as the wording you use in your descriptions.

They play a HUGE role when it comes to pin conversion!

Pinterest is visual. Which means your pin design and wording is just as important as the SEO in your description. You want to attract your ideal reader. And more importantly, you want to catch their attention! So not only do you want the design of your pin to catch their attention, but emphasizing certain trigger words by using a larger and different font can help even more!

For example, here are two pins that always send me a ton of traffic. Note how emphasized my two trigger words: Simple and Easily.

I want my readers to know how Pinterest EASILY drives me tons of traffic, and I also want them to know 4 SIMPLE ways to keep readers on their website longer. Simple and Easily are both letting my reader know that this is something that won’t take a ton of effort on their part. Which in turn, makes them want to learn more. They know this isn’t going to be a post that is going to be 20 pages long and that I will hopefully break down what I am describing on my pin in simple and easy steps! Make sense?

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Happy Pinning!

xo Megan