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This past week I have received over a dozen emails asking me if you can market your affiliates on Pinterest without having to write a blog post about every single one. And the answer is absolutely! A while back Pinterest wasn’t allowing you to link your affiliate links directly to your pin due to so much spam. But now they have a good system in place and if you do it correctly you can absolutely use affiliate links without linking your pin to a blog post first.

So if there is a product or service you think your followers would enjoy you can attach that affiliate link directly to your pin!

You have to be sure you are using affiliate links correctly

The Federal Trade Commission requires that you always state when you are using an affiliate link. So ALWAYS be sure to note in the pin description that it is an affiliate link. Now, sometimes when you use affiliate links, Pinterest may flag you for spam if you use the bit.ly version of the link or a link that is too long. I HIGHLY recomend downloading the free WordPress plug in Pretty Links.

Here is a quick video that will show you how to attach your affiliate link directly to your pin!


UPDATE: Via Amazon, you can’t directly attach affiliate links to your pins, so if you are marketing a product via Amazon you must do that via your blog post. They do allow you to directly post affiliate links on Facebook and Instagram, just not Pinterest.

I hope that helps! If you really want to start making some money with affiliate marketing, you can click HERE to check out a list of over 85 affiliates organized by blogging niche!

xo Megan