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I have been getting a lot of questions regarding Facebook Groups and what they can do for your blog. The answer: SO MUCH! I would not be even CLOSE to where I am today without these groups. Seriously, I generate SO much traffic from them! I have also gained a ton of new knowledge from other bloggers.

Simply joining a Facebook Group isn’t going to do much for your blog. The key to success within these groups is participation! 

But how do you know what threads each group posts? And how do you know what you should focus on day to day to really flourish within these groups? And how do you do all of this without being overwhelmed?

The Ultimate Social Media Traffic Generator

I have taken all 39 Facebook Groups that are specifically for bloggers and business owners and I have broken down what types of threads each specific group posts. Threads such as: Pinterest re-pins, Pinterest followers, Facebook post likes, Facebook followers, blog comments, blog post shares, Twitter, Instagram and so much more!

THIS my friends is how you start building your blog. This is exactly how I built my blog! When I started out I was at MAYBE 1,000 page views a month. After I really started participating within these groups I am now at over 25K page views a month! 

You can get there too! I created a weekly schedule with a different account to focus on each day. For example, Mondays is all about growing your Pinterest following (getting more followers) and getting re-pins. And that is all you will focus on, on Monday’s. Any threads that have to do with Pinterest.

I have broken it all down for you and made it so you will get the most out of each day without spending a large amount of time and getting overwhelmed! Because we don’t want that!

I can guarantee if you follow this guide step-by-step and day by day your following will grow! FAST!

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xo Megan