What is a “Confidence Score” on Pinterest?

I wanted to write a post on this because many users want to know what goes into ranking and getting a good reach on Pinterest.

Each pinner on Pinterest has something called a “confidence score.” A confidence score is how Pinterest ranks YOU as a pinner and content creator.

So when your pins are getting a good reach and good engagement, your confidence score is probably on the higher end. BUT if you are not getting the reach and engagement you want from Pinterest, it’s probably due to a low confidence score.

Sadly, there is no way for you to know your “score,” but if your pins are getting a reach of 10, you can guess it’s probably on the lower end.

Here is what Pinterest looks at when they rank you as a pinner. And what you can do to improve your score.


Many people may roll their eyes at this. “Gosh Megan, you always talk about SEO!”

I sure do because, PROPER Pinterest SEO plays a significant role in your confidence score. Don’t believe me? See the Image to the left! This is from one of my students! PROPER Pinterest SEO matters! 

If you are pinning to Pinterest boards that are not set up correctly, you are already starting on the wrong foot.

Yes, something this small can hurt you BIG TIME. Pinterest favors relevancy, so if you are pinning to a board with non-relevant keywords, improperly optimized keywords, OR no keywords at all, you are showing Pinterest your content is not relevant, thus dropping your score.

Making sure your account is fully set up and optimized for proper Pinterest SEO is SO SO important.

Pinning frequency

The key to growing on Pinterest is to stay consistent with how often you are uploading fresh new images.

You want to be uploading at LEAST 1 fresh new pin image each day. The more active you are on the platform, the higher your confidence score will be.

You can link new pin images to older posts. Make sure you use a different layout, image (if possible), coloring, and wording. This is also a great way to see what pin design gets you the most engagement!

Your website

Pinterest can tell when other users are saving content directly from your website.

That specific action can give your confidence score a significant boost! Making sure your website is Pinterest friendly is very important.

You want to have a least 1 pin image in each post you create. I usually have mine at the bottom of the post. You also want to have a “pin it” plug-in installed. This makes it so when a reader hovers their mouse over your image, a pin it button will appear, making it very easy for them to save that image to Pinterest!

The more others save from your website, the better! Showing Pinterest, you create quality content that is important enough to save right from your site!

What can hurt you the most?

Outdated Pinterest practices. When I audit accounts for users who are having a hard time getting traffic, 99% of the time, they don’t have any SEO, or it’s not laid out properly, and they are pinning with VERY outdated practices.

Practices like pinning 20-30 pins a day of their and other users’ content and pinning the same pin image to multiple boards.

Both are incredibly outdated and can get your account flagged as spam.

Making sure you stay current with best practices is very important!

Can you improve your confidence score?

Absolutely! You can go through and audit your account! (Grab your free checklist here!)

You can update your boards for proper Pinterest SEO. Make sure your profile is optimized for proper Pinterest SEO, and you can start uploading fresh new images daily!

Staying up to date on current best practices will help too!

You can 100% improve your confidence score and your reach on Pinterest

And if all of this has you confused and you want to learn more about Pinterest SEO and current best practices and pinning strategies, click HERE! 

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan