What you need to know about Pinterest Marketing in 2022

Now that we are in a new year, what do you need to know about Pinterest Marketing in 2022? 

As you know, Pinterest is an ever-changing platform, and for many, it can be super overwhelming. 

Luckily, even though we are in a New Year, the Pinterest basics will always stay the same. No matter what changes with the algorithm, 

Here is what you need to know. 

Pinterest SEO will never change. 

SEO is the #1 most important thing you want to learn regarding Pinterest Marketing. PROPER Pinterest SEO. Pinterest SEO is different from your SEO for Google or other search engines. 

Pinterest pulls SEO in the form of long-tailed keyword sentences. So if you are formatting your Pinterest SEO as you would so you can rank on Google, your reach will be much lower than formatting your SEO the way Pinterest prefers. 

Even if the algorithm changes 100,000 times, Pinterest SEO will always stay the same

If you want to learn more about where to place proper SEO on your Pinterest profile, you can check out this post here. 

Pinning frequency. 

This can ebb and flow depending on what changes with the algorithm. However, Pinterest themselves have said that no matter WHAT, they want at least one new pin image to go out each day.

Sometimes you can see a steady climb by simply posting one new pin image a day. However, sometimes you may have to do more.
The pinning frequency will be different for every single user, and it will change often. The best way to know how much you should be pinning is by keeping an eye on your analytics.

But a good rule of thumb to follow is one new pin image a day. It can be any type of pin as well, and it can link to an older blog post as long as the image is new and fresh.

This brings me to the next topic…

Pin wording and design. 

Do you want more clicks? The coloring and imaging you use will determine if your pin stands out enough to catch someone’s eye, the wording on your pin will decide if you get that click or not.

SEO is all about reach. Just because an account has 9 million views doesn’t mean anyone is clicking on their content.

Remember, monthly views are a vanity number. So when you see a post saying, “Look how I got 1 million Pinterest views.” You want to know how much of that has converted to website traffic. Sometimes you would be shocked to see; it can be VERY little.

Now there isn’t a “trick” to getting more clicks. After doing this for seven years and working with clients in all different niches, I know that what works for one will not work for the other.

The best way to see what works for you when it comes to getting clicks is trial and error. First, you have to play around with wording to see what YOUR audience responds to. And yes, this will take time.
BUT it will pay off!

Pinterest is not a quick overnight traffic fix, as some people make it seem. It’s a complex search engine. You can rank ten times faster than you can on any other search engine as long as you know what you are doing and you stay consistent.

In fact, the higher you bump up on Pinterest, you can even start to rank on Google and other search engines for FREE! Pretty sweet, right?

When do algorithm changes happen? 

All the time. Users tend to get in a frenzy over these and freak out and think all these profound changes are coming their way. When, in fact, the algorithm changes more than you may even realize, and 90% of the time, the only change you may have to make is to create more new pin images.

When Pinterest makes BIG changes that you need to know about, they will make an announcement.
In the meantime, learn proper SEO, create new images daily and stay consistent!

In fact, the higher you bump up on Pinterest, you can even start to rank on Google and other search engines for FREE! Pretty sweet, right?

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Happy Pinning, 

xo Megan