Did you know your Pinterest boards are the heart and soul of your Pinterest account?

While having your entire profile adequately optimized for SEO is essential, it’s even more important to have your boards set up correctly.
I have audited over 843 Pinterest accounts (crazy, right?) And the #1 error I see is improper board setup.

Most users either don’t have them optimized for SEO at all, or they have them optimized improperly. Many think it’s more important to have your pins appropriately optimized. While you do want to make sure your pins are optimized, if they are being pinned to a board that is not optimized correctly or at all, the pins reach will be low, AND it’s showing the algorithm your content is not relevant because it’s being pinned to a board that is does not pertain to.

SEO is King, and if your reach is super low, it’s probably due to improper setup.

Let’s see how many times I can say optimized in this post 😉

Here is what you want to make sure you are NOT doing.

Having your board title be a non-trending keyword sentence.

What do I mean by this?

When people are on Pinterest searching for pins, they are not typing in “super far out dinner ideas.”

They search for “Easy weeknight dinner ideas” or ” Simple dinner ideas.”

When you are creating a pin on Pinterest about dinner, you will be sending your pin to your board about dinner. If the pin and the board have even one matching keyword sentence, that shows the algorithm that your content is relevant since the pin is pinned to a board with relevant keywords.

This is why it’s crucial to have your board titles not be silly or cute and to use trending keyword sentences.

Not using keyword sentences in your board description, or not having a description at all.

This piggybacks off my first point.

While 60% of accounts I have worked on usually don’t have any descriptions for their boards, the rest of them have descriptions like this:
“So many super fun dinners and cool dishes for you to make for your family! I post all of my favorite recipes here for you to use!”

While that describes what that board is about, there are ZERO keyword sentences.

Instead, you would want to say this: “Easy dinner ideas for the whole family. Simple dinner recipes your family will love.”

The trending keywords senates I used: 1. Easy dinner ideas, and 2. Simple dinner ideas.

Those are keywords users are searching for on the platform. And having them in your description will help the reach of every pin, pinned to that board as long as the pin is relevant to dinner recipes and ideas.

STOP using board sections

They are so 2019

This 100000% hurts the SEO of the board, and it makes it harder for users to see all the content listed in the board. 

Yes, it’s only a few extra clicks, but most users will not click on your sections. 

The best practice now is NOT to use sections. I don’t even know why Pinterest has them anymore as they have said themselves not to use sections… But they love to keep us on our toes, right? 

The two takeaways from this post: 

  1. Use a trending keyword sentence as your board title.
  2. Use at least two trending keyword senates in your board description if you can do more GREAT but always have AT LEAST two! 


If you want to learn more about trending keyword sentences and Proper Pinterest SEO, click HERE!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan