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You guys, there were a few reasons I was inspired to write this post this week.

One. Since It’s the holiday season, I was busy searching Pinterest for some new Christmas cookie recipes. I am a sucker for a good Christmas cookie tray, as I am sure most of you are too 😉


After about an hour of clicking to new blogs trying to jot down new recipes, I was SO over it!


Y’all I am not even joking when I say that I had to X out of over 90% of these cookie recipe posts even before I was able to jot down the recipe. Why? THEY HAD TOO MANY ADS! These bloggers had so many dang ads on their website; the post took FOREVER to load!

Can ads make you money?

Yes. But they have to be done the RIGHT way. STOP with the ad overkill! 

There is a way to tastefully place ads on your website, so they don’t hurt your loading time AND don’t block your reader’s view. 

Try and stick to 3 ads MAX per page. With one or two being in your sidebar.

STOP WITH THE POP-UP ADS! That is me yelling at you. These are NOT making you money; these are hurting your traffic, loading time and BOUNCE RATE!

I bet you that 90% of my views didn’t even register on these websites I visited because the overkill of ads made me leave even before it could count as a view.

No joke. 

Think about this for a min…

Are you making money from your ads? If not, get rid of them. You could have a killer post with some high paying affiliate links in them. But no one is ever going to get to that affiliate link if they have to close out of 10 ads and your website is taking 20 min to load.

Go to some of the big time bloggers website. What don’t you see? ADS!

OR if there are ads, they are tastefully placed. Too many ads also make you look SUPER spammy.

Trust me when I say, you have a much higher chance of making a decent amount of money each month (no matter your blogging niche) by focusing your efforts on writing killer posts with affiliate links in them.

Again, I am not saying to nix ads out of your life. I am saying, take a look at where they are and how many you have. Look at your bounce rate. Is it hurting? Take some ads down. I PROMISE you; it will help!

xo Megan