Why do your Pinterest numbers drop in the summer?

The “Summer Slump,” as I like to call it, the ” summer slump,” is the time just before school ends and lasts until the end of July/beginning of August. 

No, there hasn’t been a best practices change, nor has there been an algorithm change. 

So, why does this happen? There are up to 30% LESS active users on the platform at any given time, maybe even more. Fewer people are sitting at their desks due to school being over and their kids being home! 

So naturally, your numbers may take a hit. Mine has dropped over 100K in the last WEEK alone, and I haven’t changed anything with the way that I pin. Luckily my website traffic has only dropped a little. Remember, monthly Pinterest views DO NOT have to do with the traffic and clicks over to your site. 

So what can you do to help you make it through the summer slump? 

Here are some tips! 

One. Play on your trending pins. 

If you read my post here on how to get the most out of your trending content on Pinterest, you know that you can benefit from a pin that is currently trending and sending you a lot of traffic. 

Make a new pin to fit in with the trending pin. Since those keywords are getting a lot of action during this time, it could benefit you to create a few new pin images linking to your trending post. You would also use the SAME keywords. 

NOTE: Different keywords and topics trend at different times throughout the year. I ALWAYS see a massive drop in the summer as most people are not focusing on starting a blog or learning how to use Pinterest for their business. 

You can use the “Trending tool,” on Pinterest to see how popular your keywords are during the time we are in. Remember, seasonal topics start trending about 6-8 weeks before the holiday/season. 

Two. If you can write about season content, do it! 

Depending on your niche, you can write posts and create pins that have to do with summer topics. Like BBQing, picnics, 4th of July, summer trips, summer activities for kids, and so on.

If you do not, you can get creative and write posts on topics like how to keep yourself busy in the summer, how to make money with your blog in the summer, and so on. Get creative with your topics and keywords you can use that pertain to summer activities and holidays.

Three. Pin more. 

Yes, this is a lot of work, and you may already be pinning a lot! But upping your pin count by 1-2 new pin images a week can make a big difference. Yes they may have a slightly lower reach than normal, but it’s still going to help to pin more. 

Make sure you are ONLY pinning new content, and you are not re-pinning your old content (pin images). Pinning old pins can get your account flagged as spam, and it can hurt your reach. Make sure you are current with Pinterest’s best practices

And if you need help with pin creation you can click here

Four. Use newer Pinterest features. 

Like, “Idea Pins. Now this newer feature may not be available to you just yet! To check go to “create,” and see if it looks like this: 

When Pinterest rolls out new features they always get more traction than your normal static pin. Here are the metrics from one of my Idea pins. 


So if you have this option I would go for it! Here is an idea pin that talks more about idea pins! 

Pinterest can be a lot! The key is consistency. You have to stay consistent to see results; they WILL NOT happen overnight. Pinterest is NOT a quick fix! So anyone claiming it is is not being honest with you. You 100% can get TONS of traffic from the platform! You just have to make sure you are optimizing things properly for Pinterest SEO and pinning within the best practices!

If you want to learn more about mastering Pinterest click here

As always, 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan