Why outdated Pinterest practices can get you in trouble…

Pinterest seems always seems to be keeping us on our toes. However, with constant changes to pinning strategies and best practices, it can be hard to keep up, especially when some things aren’t made 150% clear. 

After seven years of living and breathing Pinterest Marketing, I probably get fed up ten times fast than the average content creator as soon as I get a good strategy down, BAM! Something changes yet again. But this is to be expected as platforms constantly change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. 

Being a part of about a trillion blogging Facebook groups, I CONSTANTLY see “Pinterest Experts” preaching outdated practices. Not only is this frustrating to watch because some of them have a large following, but I am going to say it loud for the Pinners in the back, “OUTDATED PINTEREST PRACTICES WILL GET YOUR ACCOUNT FLAGGED AS SPAM (shadowbanned) OR SHUT DOWN!” 

And for those to who this has happened, 99% of the time, YOU NEVER RECOVER. 

Now, sadly this “Pinterest marked your account as spam on error” glitch is still around, and sadly happening to those who are pinning properly. But the #1 way to set off this flag is to pin improperly. 

I know you may be thinking, “Well, now I am scared to pin!” Don’t be, let’s talk about what you should be doing now! 

STOP pinning the same images over and over. 


In 2018-19 Pinterest wanted us to upload a pin and then send it to as many relevant boards as possible. 


They want us to upload as many fresh new IMAGES as possible. Even if it links to an old URL, they will prioritize your new pin over a “duplicate pin.” A pin of your own that has been re-pinned by YOU. No, it’s not bad if other’s re-pin your content; you want that! 

While it won’t kill you to re-pin a seasonal pin you pinned a year ago, it’s probably better to create a new pin with updated SEO. 

You don’t have to pin other users’ pins. 

That’s right! Unless you are a brand spanking new account and need to fill up your boards to help with SEO, you only have to pin your own content. And if you are new, be sure you are pinning relevant content to relevant boards. Filling your SEO-optimized boards up with pins that are appropriately optimized as well will help with the reach of the pins within that board. 

Back in the day (a year ago), Pinterest wanted us to pin a mix of our content AND others. Now they have said that we only need to pin our content. So make up your mind, Pinterest! It’s hard to keep up! 

Less is more

Since Pinterest frowns upon us pinning duplicate pins, you no longer need to pin 30 pins a day. In fact, uploading 1-3 new pin images a day that link to your content should be enough! 

How many new images you are uploading depends on the age of your account, the season we are in and what is trending at the moment. 


I am going to say it one more time; MONTHLY VIEWS DO NOT MEAN CLICKS. Users get SO hung up on their monthly views. You can have 4 million views, and the clicks over to your site could be 100 a day. Just because your reach is high doesn’t mean people are clicking on your pins. 

So when you hear so and so say, “Look how I got 90 trillion views on Pinterest.” You ask, what is the actual traffic to your website? 

Also, try to look at the website traffic from Pinterest on the back end of your site or with Google analytics. Pinterest Analytics NEVER match up with real-time views. 

PROPER SEO is everything.

When people post in my group and say they are struggling to get traffic, I always look at their account, and you know what I see? That NOTHING is optimized for SEO. 

Pinterest is a search engine, and while it works a little differently than some other search engines, you still need to optimize every single thing for SEO. 

This includes your about me, board names and descriptions, pin titles, and descriptions. Your content will not be found if it’s not optimized properly. 

Pinterest NO LONGER pulls from #hashtags. So including them in your description only wastes room you could be used to add more long-tailed keyword sentences. 

So things to take away: 

  • Pin fresh new images daily. 
  • Do not re-pin the same image over and over and over
  • Upload 1-3 new pin images a day
  • Only pin to properly optimized boards. 
  • Make sure you are up to date on proper Pinterest SEO

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and current best practices, click HERE

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan