Why you don’t need Pinterest Group Boards to be successful on Pinterest!

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Pinterest can be overwhelming; I completely get that! One thing that seems to be a huge struggle with most pinners is being accepted to Pinterest Group Boards.

What is a group board? A group board is made up of multiple pinners who can all pin their content to the same board. The point of them is to collaborate with others in your niche and help expand the reach of your pins.

However, in the last few years, group boards have strayed from this mentality. 90% of them are now used as free for all boards to simply gain traction. Which, in the long run, isn’t helping you.

And the biggest frustration seems to be getting accepted into these boards. You send a request and never hear back! Super annoying!

Here is a quick rundown on how to use Pinterest Group Boards correctly.

Pinterest is a search engine that prioritizes content based on imaging and proper SEO. When you create any type of board on Pinterest, whether it’s a personal board or a group board, you want to make sure the title AND description of the board are optimized properly for SEO.

So if it’s a board about dinner recipes, you would optimize it like this:

One, use your guided search to see what words are trending about “dinner recipes.”

As you can see, when I type in “diner recipes,” that is the #1 trending searched phrase about dinner recipes. “Dinner recipes for family” is number two and so on. Pinterest will always show the top 8 trending keywords sentences pertaining to the keywords you are searching.

So you could title your board either “Dinner Recipes,” or “Dinner Recipes for Family,” if you want to be more specific.

Once you choose your board name, you will click on that specific phrase and hit “Enter.”

For our example, I chose “Dinner recipes for Family.”

Next, you are going to optimize your board description.

As you can see, once I hit “enter,” all these orange-colored keywords appear below the search box.

Here is how I would optimize the description for SEO: Easy dinner recipes for the family. Quick and easy dinner recipes for the family. Healthy dinner recipes for the family. Simple dinner recipes for the family. Chicken diner recipes for the family. Crockpot dinner recipes for the family. 

Notice how I took the other keywords that are trending along with “dinner recipes for family.” And I created six long-tailed keyword sentences. This way, Pinterest knows this board contains pins about those topics.

Here is when you not needing a group board to pin to comes into play.

Example: You create a blog post about a dinner recipe, you will then create a pin that you are going to upload to Pinterest to link your new post to. When you go to upload it, you will type in a description, and you will optimize the description for SEO. Then you will pin it to the board, that it pertains to, which is also optimized for SEO. 

If everything is optimized properly, Pinterest’s algorithm will pick up on it, and your pin will be prioritized!

This is MUCH more beneficial than pinning to an “anything” group board on Pinterest, even if that board has 20,000 followers. The change of someone seeing your content and pinning it to a niche board (one that pertains to) is slim. And if you pin keeps getting pin to random boards the reach will crash.

If you want, you can add anywhere from 3-15 contributors YOU invite that would be beneficial to the board. Pinners that are in the same niche as you. This way they are pinning your content to their niche-specific boards.

Here is my client’s account, she has 4.3 MILLION views and ZERO group boards. This goes to show you if you know how to use Pinterest correctly, group boards are not needed!

If you don’t get accepted, don’t stress! Work on optimizing your own boards and maybe create a group board of your own!

Also, pinning to group boards is still OK as long as you are pinning to the right ones! No more, free for all or anything boards! 

And if all of this is super confusing, click here!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan