Why you may want to stop pinning to Group Boards on Pinterest…

9 times out of 10, the inspiration from my posts comes from audits I do on client’s Pinterest profiles. 

And one big mistake I still see users making is that they are pinning to Group Boards. This is something Pinterest really frowns upon nowadays. And truth be told, if your profile is optimized properly, you don’t need group boards. 

As you know, Pinterest favors relevancy. They also favor properly optimized content. Pinterest is a search engine, after all. So pinning to a “free for all” board is not only going to hurt the pin, but it can hurt your account in the long run as well. 

Boards need to be optimized properly.

For example, here is a board I am a part of (please note I have not pinned to any group boards in over a year, I am working on leaving a few every day.)

What’s wrong with this board? 

  1. The title of the board is not keyword-rich. While I don’t want to call out the creator of this specific board, you don’t want the titles of your boards to be something like, “Pinterific pins!” No one is searching for those keywords on Pinterest. 
  2. The description of the board isn’t optimized for SEO. AT ALL. In fact, there are 7+ different niches mentioned, and the description is not formatted properly for SEO—separating keywords with commas. 

The people who follow this board have interests ALL OVER THE PLACE. And if people are following the rules (re-pinning other content on the board), they may end up pinning your pin to another non-relevant board. 

Not only does this hurt the pin, but it also shows Pinterest you are creating non-relevant content, and the reach of ALL your pins drops. 

No Bueno. 

A few tips.

When you upload a new pin to Pinterest, you want to pin it to a board that it pertains to. A board that’s title and SEO optimized description fit with the SEO of your pin. Relevant content being pinned to a relevant board. 

Once you pin your pin to the most relevant board, you NEVER touch it again. 

Pinterest sees re-pins from our own accounts as bad. So re-pinning your own content will hurt the reach of your pin. This is why SEO is SO important when it comes to Pinterest. If everything is set up correctly and you are pining correctly, you will see GREAT results without group boards. 

Now, let’s say you are part of a niche-specific, SEO-optimized board. If the title and description of the board are set up properly, and they fit with your pin, you CAN pin to that board. But that is the only board that pin can go to from your end, at least. 

Remember, re-pins from your personal account = bad. 

Moving forward. 

Should you leave non-relevant group boards? Yes, but do it slowly, maybe 1-3 a day. This way, it doesn’t set off any filters with Pinterest, and your account stays up and running. 

Do you HAVE to leave them? No, as long as you are not pinning to them, you are ok! But it doesn’t hurt to clean up your account. 

Will you see instant results in terms of an increase in views? No, it will take time and pinning consistently and properly for you to start seeing an uptick in traffic, especially If you have a new account. It can take 4+ months of consistent pinning to start seeing good results. 

You want to upload at LEAST one new pin image a day. Suppose you can do more, great. Pinterest wants fresh new content as much as we can give it! New images and updated SEO, even if it links to an old blog post! 

And if all of this has you confused, click here

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan