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What is an email sequence? Let’s say one of your readers signs up for one of your opt-ins/freebies. They then would receive another email from you anywhere from 24 hours to a few days later. This email can really be anything; from you welcoming them to your blog and letting them know a little more about you, to offering a paid service that goes along with the freebie they signed up for. SO MANY OPTIONS!

I am going to shamefully admit that it took me almost a YEAR to create email sequences for my opt-ins. Why? I was honestly scared to lose subscribers. I know that is a HUGE fear of a lot of bloggers who work so very hard to grow their lists.

1st, don’t let the unsubscribes get ya down!

I know that is easier said than done, but it’s true. Especially when you are just starting out and your list is small. You really don’t want to lose even 1 person! But it’s okay, truth be told they are just taking up unwanted room on your list. They really aren’t going to be interested in what you have to say or offer so you don’t want them there anyway! Especially if you are on a free mail service up to 2,000 subscribers, don’t waste space on them.

Back to email sequences!

I have a 2 different email sequences, A general “Welcome” email sequence that most of my opt-in’s are linked to. This email let’s my new subscribers know about the other free resources offer. I don’t even advertise my course in that email sequence because I don’t want to overwhelm them and seem pushy. But I am bringing them back to my site, so they will see that I do offer other services.

My affiliate marketing email sequence. This is for anyone who signs up for my opt-ins that have to do with affiliate marketing. Here I explain that I make 80% of my income from my affiliates, all of which I market on Pinterest. I do talk about my course briefly since in the course I teach how I market my affiliates on Pinterest. But again, only briefly, that isn’t the main point of the email.

Again, try not to push products or services in your email sequences because you don’t want to scare people off. You will get un-subsribers, but that’s ok! Let people know about you and your blog. Let them know what your blog has to offer and that will most likely bring them back to your site!

Here is what happened when I started using email sequences…

  • My traffic went up! About 30% Not bad right? People were coming back to my site to look around! When the first time they visited, they maybe only read the one blog post that included my opt-in.
  • I made more sales, affiliate and course sales!
  • I got a lot more inquiries about my coaching services.
  • I gained more interaction from my subscribers! Questions, comments and so on.
  • I consistently grow my Social Media following and my Facebook group since I have those links in both my sequences.


  • Set up an email sequence! Even if it’s just one main welcome sequence!
  • I recommend scheduling it to go out 24-48 hours after they sign up for your opt-in. This way you are still fresh in their minds! And they aren’t like, “who the heck is this?”
  • I use ConvertKit for my email provider and I LOVEEEE them! Very user friendly! You can even take my FREE course on growing your email list with Pinterest here and get your first month of ConvertKit totally FREE! I also show you how to set up an email sequence! And create opt-ins!

So if you are nervous about losing subscribers, don’t be! This is going to help you gain traffic, grow your following and maybe even boost your income! Win win!

xo Megan