Why you need to be working for yourself…

How many messages do you get weekly on Facebook from “friends” whom you haven’t heard from since high school?

They all seem to start with, “So I tried this really cool new product…”

Now, please do not take this as me bashing MLM companies. I REPEAT I am not bashing MLM companies. I used to be a Plexus sales rep. Sure did! And though I do love the products, I have never worked so hard, to make such little money.  I posted on Facebook a bazillion times a day, messaged “friends” I hadn’t talked to in forever and honestly, probably made a ton of people feel uncomfortable trying to get them to join my “team.” That just wasn’t my jam. But if it’s yours, that’s cool too! 

I wanted to work from home. I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to help contribute financially while staying home with my kids.

Because… childcare… that’s a whole other blog post.

I started searching the web…

I feel like everything I found online required me to be on the phone during specific hours, which I couldn’t do. Or in reality, the pay wasn’t great.

Back in the day when I was working in corporate America, I lived and breathed marketing. So I took what I knew and started to do some freelance work here and there.

I dove head first into learning everything Pinterest had to offer. And then I began helping businesses promote their companies and products on the platform.

With a lot of success.

Once I got the platform down pat, I started promoting my Pinterest services even more.

I will never forget when I signed my first $250 a month client! Fun fact, she is STILL my client! And guess what? Because I did/do such great work for her, she sends me new clients ALL THE TIME so much that I am turning people away.

And this my friend, is why you NEED to start working for yourself. 

How nice would it be to have an extra $250 a month in your pocket? What about an extra $4,000 a month? Because it’s 150% possible!

AND you can work as much or as little as you want when you want.

It will take WORK

Now, you should know this all took A LOT of work and research on my part. (So this isn’t me saying this will be easy)

I’ll leave my favorite quote here: “You can’t have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.”  I mean, how true is that?

I feel like I have to say that. I see SO many people online giving up after a month of trying, or they expect to see results immediately.

Sorry, sis, that won’t happen. You are going to have to work your butt off, and then some. You are going to have to stay up late and get up before your kids. You may fail. You may fail ten times. BUT if you keep going and keep trying, you WILL be successful.

“Hi, I have been on Pinterest for a month now, and I don’t see any traffic to my website.”

Of course, you don’t! The average Pinterest account takes a minimum of 3 months to start seeing results. Pinterest has an algorithm just like Google, so there is MUCH more to it than just creating a pin and sending it to a few group boards.

Be patient; trust the process. Keep trying new pin designs, wording, and pinning strategies. You will get there!

How do you get started?

Well, if you have Pinterest down pat, then you are golden! You just need to know the basics of starting your own Virtual Assistant business, and you can learn more about that here.

If you don’t know Pinterest yet, that’s okay too!

You can either invest in a course (like this super cool one), or you can spend time searching the web and teaching yourself! Both are good options 🙂

Yes it will cost money, yes it will take time, and yes you WILL see results as long as you are willing to put in the work!

I can promise you that!

OR if you are still on the fence, you can take my FREE Pinterest Virtual Assistant Quiz here and see if you have what it takes!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan