Why you need to stop pinning to group boards on Pinterest

I have touched on this topic a few times in different posts in the past, but I figured I would elaborate a little more since I see this mistake made more often than not.

Group boards are KILLING your reach and confidence score on Pinterest; I mean destroying it.

You may be thinking, “Well, I pin to them now, and I have a good reach.” But what is a good reach? Many Pinterest users think their reach of 20-50 impressions per pin is good, and for brand new accounts, that may be the case.

But if you have been active on Pinterest for a while and your reach is still low, it’s due to a low confidence score, AND pinning to group boards can be a big part of that low score.

You can read this post here that goes into detail about what a confidence score is.

Let’s chat about group boards.

Relevancy. That is the #1 thing Pinterest wants us to focus on. They want us to be pinning and displaying content relevant to our blog/business.

But what goes into showing Pinterest your content is relevant?

SEO, what you pin and where you pin it.

For example: When you create a pin, you use an image relevant to the pin’s topic, wording that is relevant to the subject of the pin. You then upload it to Pinterest using keywords and Pinterest SEO relevant to the pin, and then you pin it to a relevant board optimized with proper Pinterest SEO.

All of those steps help the Pinterest algorithm display your content to the right audience, searching for the specific keywords you have used in your pin AND the board it has been pinned to.

When the keywords you use in your pin description match up or pertain to the keywords in your board’s description, it shows relevancy.

So here is the issue with 95% of group boards.

They are not optimized for Pinterest SEO. A vast majority of group boards I see user’s pin to look like this one:

Yes, this board has almost 2K followers. But, unfortunately, so many think pinning their content to it will help the reach of their pin, when in fact, it’s just the opposite.

There is zero SEO for this board. And not only that, they allow a variety of niches to be pinned to it.

Pinning your niche-specific pin to this board will confuse the Pinterest algorithm since there is no SEO for this board, thus showing Pinterest your pin is not relevant. Which slowly starts to hurt the reach of your entire account.

Not only that, since a variety of users pin to it, the chance of your content being pinned to ANOTHER non-relevant board is much higher. Hurting the reach of your pin AND account even more.

Try and get the idea out of your head that the more followers the board has, the more people will see your pin.

That is SO very false. Just because it’s being pinned to a board with a large following does NOT mean all 2K people will see it. In fact, there is a good chance no one will see it.

Your pin will get a better reach being pinned to your personal niche board that is appropriately optimized for Pinterest SEO even if there are only 5 followers.

Why? The algorithm is picking up on the keywords of your pin pertaining to the keywords of the board it is being pinned to. SHOWING THEM YOUR CONTENT IS RELEVANT! Which they like! Which means they will push your pin out even further!

No, the keywords don’t have to match up word for word. But pinning a fitness pin to a fitness-related board will perform 1000 times better than it being pinned to a non-optimized group board. All-day long.

Confused? Don’t be. 

Keep these things in mind: IF you do pin to a group board, make sure it’s specific to the topic of your pin and that the board title and description are correctly optimized. 

With Pinterest not wanting us to re-pin the same image over and over, if you do pin to a group board, you upload your pin directly there and leave it. Re-pinning it more than once can get your account flagged as spam. 

Make sure you are up-to-date with current best practices and guidelines. 

And know that your account can be 10000% successful without group boards; in-fact, you may see your reach go up if you stop pinning to non-relevant boards and re-optimize your boards with proper SEO. 

You can lean more about PROPER Pinterest SEO and current best practices HERE!

Happy pinning!

xo Megan