Why your pin design is so important!

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If you are new to Pinterest, this post is 150% for you. If you are a seasoned Pinterest user, this post is also 150% for you. I average around 5-10 emails a day asking me about pin design. From the wording to fonts, to colors to images.

All of which are very important.

Why? Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine. But I am guessing you knew that 😉 Pinterest not only prioritizes pins based off of SEO but they prioritize them based off of visuals too. So if your pin isn’t up to Pinterest standards, it won’t gain much traction.

Pinterest pin standards:

  • Visually pleasing
  • The preferred pin size (which changes a lot) but currently is 600 x 900, the medium pin size in PicMonkey
  • Clear, crisp images, (if you are using a stock photo)

And the most important factor that I see SO many mess up.

Using images that pertain to your SEO.

What does that mean exactly?

Have you ever seen this when you view a pin close up or save a pin?

All the pins that are appearing below my pin, which is about becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant, are appearing because they pertain to the content I just pinned. Not only are these pins appearing here due to the SEO used in their descriptions, but they appear because they visually represent the content that each pin is about.

Here is what I mean…

All the pins in the image below contain stock photos that in some way, represent what the content within that pin is about. A lot of keyboards! Why? Because when you work from home, you are most likely on a computer! Make sense?

If your pin is about working from home and it has a picture of a baby on it, it most likely will appear in the “more like this feed” with parenting pins. Which isn’t good because those pinners are most likely not going to be interested in your content.

Yes, even if your SEO is on point.

Remember how I mentioned that Pinterest pulls off visuals? Because of the way their algorithm works, pins that appear in the “more like this” feed are also pins that look similar to the content you are saving or looking up close at.

This is the original pin I used for an example. What does the image contain? A keyboard!

Definitely keep this little tip in your back pocket moving forward! Focus on using images that pertain to your post 🙂 This way they end up in the right spot!

It will help with the reach of your pins significantly! Promise!

And if all of this is CRAZY confusing, click here!

Happy Pinning!