Why your Pinterest account isn’t growing…

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I feel like I see more and more content creators getting super frustrated with their Pinterest growth lately. They do all the things you are supposed to be doing but are seeing little to no growth or engagement.

Super frustrating, I know.

But then you have to ask yourself, are you doing all the right things?

1. You are not as active as you should be on the platform.

Pinterest loves when you are physically pinning on the actual Pinterest platform and not solely with a Pinterest approved scheduler. Yes, schedulers are the Sh**, you can set it and forget it and know all of your content is being sent out where you want it to go. I could spend an hour talking about how much I love TailWind and how much TailWind has helped my account grow!

But there is a problem with that.

Pinterest isn’t making any money if you aren’t clicking on pins.

And that makes them sad.

When people pay to promote a pin or create an ad, 50% of the time, Pinterest is making a few dollars per click. So when you see content that interests you and you click on it to read more, they are making more money.

And because of this, they like YOU more since you are an active user (and not solely a scheduler) so they give your content a little extra push out into the Pinterest world.

Thanks, Pinterest 😉

The point here is you should also be manually pinning content ALONG with your content being sent out via TailWind.

2. You aren’t pinning as much as you should be.

Now I am going to talk about TailWind!

Using a Pinterest approved scheduler to send out your content for you will also help your account grow.

On average, I gain 1,000+ new followers monthly since I started being consistent with TailWind over a year ago. I am now at over 25,000 active Pinterest followers, and I 150% owe that to TailWind.

I can spend one hour a week scheduling out all my pins for the next seven days. And then all I do after that is spend about 10 min a day pinning manually on the platform via my phone or laptop.

TailWind sends out my pins at times that users are the most active, in turn getting me more clicks and more followers.


Plus, I can see how my group boards are performing, and I am easily able to change the amount of content I am sending out each day.

3. You aren’t creating enough new content.

By new content, I don’t necessarily mean new blog posts.

Pinterest likes to fill our smart feeds with fresh new content that we are interested in. They don’t love throwing out a pin you created three months ago that a lot of your followers have already seen.

So by new content, I mean new pin images. They can even link to old blog posts! I create 2-3 new pins a week for myself and my clients. This way, Pinterest prioritizes it for distribution because it’s fresh! Thus pushing your new pin out for 1,000’s of people to see!

4. You aren’t trying new Pinning strategies.

I am sure you have heard a bazillion different ways you “should” be pinning on Pinterest. Well, I am here to tell you what works for one person will not work for another.

Again, there is no “correct method” when it comes to pinning. Other than the fact that you do not want to pin like this.

One week I will send out around 25 pins a day with around 75% of the pins being my content. The next week I may or may not change that depending on how my website traffic is doing.

Let me note; I focus on my conversion from Pinterest, how much traffic it’s sending me. NOT, I repeat NOT my monthly Pinterest views.

Those numbers are for vanity. I have had Pinterest views in the millions with low website traffic because my pins aren’t converting. Then I have had 100K monthly views with Pinterest sending me 10k views a day because I have ten pins that are killing it and converting super well.

The point is, Pinterest’s algorithm is always changing, so what works for you one week, may not work the next, and you have to be willing to try new things.

To sum it all up, Pinterest can be a lot! BUT if you are willing to try new things and put in the work, you will be 150% successful!

If all of this still has you confused, click here!

Happy Pinning!

Xo Megan