Need some Pinterest help? I am your gal! Here are the packages I offer! 

I got serious about my blog two months ago and purchased Pinterest Ninja. I was shocked by how much my page views rose within a few weeks of trying Megan’s method. I decided to get Megan’s personal help. She took over my Pinterest on 2/12/18 and it is now 2/28/18 and my page views have gone up by 1000 viewers per day, my Pinterest following went from 87 to 338 as of today and I received my first check from Shareasale. I also have 167 email subscribers. I would definitely recommend Pinterest Ninja and Megan’s personal help. It has done amazing things for my blog. People are actually reading it and doing the projects that I post. Thanks Megan for everything.

Diana Callaghan


Megan knows what she is doing! It has been so great working with her, truly a Pinterest Ninja! Within the first week my analytics skyrocketed. I’m talking it went up 954%, crazy right? So if you are thinking you need help, look no further.  And the Pinterest Ninja book is a must have. I never knew half of the things she teaches in there.

Tonya Calhoon


Besides the fact that Megan is one of the nicest people ever, she is a great blogger and her products are fantastic. You can tell that she loves to help others and Pinterest Ninja is a the perfect example of this. I LOVE Pinterest Ninja, it has helped me improve my blogging and Pinterest game so that I can be successful in my own work. I’ve gained 100k+ monthly viewers on Pinterest (in 1 month) and my numbers increase daily thanks to the things I learned from Pinterest Ninja and Megan.

Rebekah Stephens