• A full review of your website and Social Media sites.
  • A list of suggestions about what changes I think could be made to help your site and accounts be even better than they are!
  • 15 email sessions, where you can ask me additional questions and we can work together to solve them.
  • A one month follow up via phone (or Skype) to see how things are going!
  • A Social Media schedule personalized just for you that will lay out your entire month and what you should do each day for each account. This will help you stay organized, really get your brand out there and not be overwhelmed!
  • I will update all your Social Media accounts to be consistent with your brand.
  • I will create board covers for your Pinterest page and add the proper keywords to get them noticed.
  • I will personally get you invited to 10+ group boards, that way you can get your pins out there!
  • You can pick up to 10 of your blog posts that I will create the perfect pins for!
  • I will create 2 incentives for you to use to grow your email list!
  • AND you get the latest version of Pinterest Ninja! This way you can keep the Pinterest momentum going!

If you would like to purchase this package email me: Megan@LoveFamilyHealth.com and we will get you set up! 

xo Megan