How to use Pinterest Idea Pins to grow your website traffic!

How to use Pinterest Idea Pins to grow your website traffic!

Pinterest is an ever-changing platform, and for most of us who have been on it for years, it can be super frustrating when a new feature comes along.

Why is that? Well, it seems that when Pinterest rolls out a new feature like Idea pins, other pins that used to perform super well, like static and regular video pins, now get a minimal reach.

Pinterest claims this is a natural ebb and flow, and that may be the case. However, it could be because they want to push their newest feature. Now, some accounts have been getting caught in their very sensitive spam filter. And you know this because your reach goes from 1K+ a pin to single digits. You can read more on that HERE

Since Idea pins are a new feature, they tend to get an excellent reach. The only downfall is you are not able to link a URL to the pin unless you have a Shopify Store.

So what is the point? 

How do you use them successfully?

The first thing you want to keep in mind is you still want to use eye-catching images and wording as you do with normal pins.

I take a blog post, and I copy and paste the wording onto different idea pins slides. Idea pins can have up to 20 slides. Here is a link to one of my ideas pins to see what I am talking about. 

Since I can’t link my pin to a URL I do two things: 

One, I give instructions on the last slide telling my readers where I want them to go like this: 


Then on the notes section I give more instructions that will show up where the pin description normally appears: 


Even though I have not been able to link URLs, my website traffic and sales have increased TEN fold. Now, it can be harder to track if it’s coming from Pinterest if they are copying and pasting the URL and not going to your website via your profile. But as you can see, they perform VERY WELL.

This idea pin ALONE has gained me over 400 new followers! So as you can see, they are 100% worth trying out! If you have over 1K people visiting your profile, they are bound to look around at other pins as well!


Since you can’t link to a URL, proper Pinterest SEO is SO important. You want to make sure your Idea pin is optimized correctly and the board it’s being pinned to is also optimized correctly. Or they will not perform well.

Sadly you are not able to schedule idea pins with a pin scheduler, but you can create seven idea pins, save them all as drafts and then hit publish once a day.

Will using idea pins hurt the reach of your other pins? NO. I have heard rumors about this, but it’s 1000% untrue. If your static or video pins numbers have dropped, it can be due to the ebb and flow Pinterest is talking about, or your account could have been flagged.
Is it frustrating Pinterest changes a lot? Yes, but they are like every other platform; they change and grow. And as much as we don’t want to, we have to learn to grow with them.

If you want to learn more about idea pins, proper Pinterest SEO, and current best practices, click here!

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan 


Have you been shadow banned on Pinterest?

Have you been shadow banned on Pinterest?

Have you been shadow banned on Pinterest?

A topic that has been on the mind of many content creators lately is the Pinterest shadow ban. Or what Pinterest likes to call it, “a glitch in their spam filter.” 

This glitch can be utterly devastating to many users as it seems once you have been caught up in it, you never get your account back to what it was. 

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about what causes it to happen. Or why Pinterest doesn’t seem to care about it. I mean, this glitch has been occurring for OVER a year now, so why haven’t they fixed it? 


No, they are not out to get you. While Pinterest is a search engine, it does have some Social Media features, like comments and sharing. And just like every social media platform, it grows and changes. So what once worked great may not work anymore, and sadly that is part of the game. 

Is it frustrating that they aren’t giving us more information to us about these changes and glitches? Yes! But sadly, much like other big name search engines, they don’t really have to. Google and bing never announce when a change is coming and what you can do to prepare, they just do it, and expect you to be able to figure it out. It does make me want to rip my hair out, so I get the frustration! 


Every single time a new feature gets rolled out, Pinterest favors it. So for a while, video pins KILLED IT. Then idea pins came along, and now those are the pins that seem to be getting the most traction. 

While many users don’t like them, I have seen a HUGE increase in traffic AND sales since using them. They have also grown my following substantially. Unfortunately, unless you have a Shopify store, you can not link your idea pin to a URL, but you can give instructions on where you want your reader to go. See my example below. 


Are there things that can get your account caught in the spam filter? 

YES! Duplicate pins are a HUGE player in getting your account flagged or suspended. A duplicate pin is a pin you have already uploaded to the platform and then re-pinning to more than one board, especially when you do it back to back. 

Fresh new images daily are what you want to focus on over re-pinning content already on the platform. 


How do you know if the glitch hit your account? Your pin metrics will drop from 4 digits to 2 or even 1. See below. 

How can you fix it? You can click this link here and then click on appeals. Then click on “Account Suspension” (this is if you got an email saying your account was suspended.) Or you will click on “Pinterest blocked my site” (if your reach has dropped overnight), Then you will fill out the rest of the form.

Other things that can cause a low reach…

Improper Pinterest SEO. SO MANY people think their accounts have been hit, but they have not optimized their profile, boards, or pins for proper Pinterest SEO. 

And because Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine, your content will not have a reach if it’s not optimized correctly. Even a BRAND NEW account should reach more than 20 impressions per pin, even with no followers. 

Is Pinterest still worth it? I get asked this often. The answer is yes. I still get loads of FREE traffic from it. And you can too! Don’t give up! 

It’s also summer, and not as many people are online. 

REMEMBER: MONTHLY VIEWS DO NO MATTER! They have LITTLE to do with CLICKS. So even if your reach is lower, and your traffic has not been impacted, you don’t have to worry! My views go up and down all the time. I focus on the actual traffic to my website from Pinterest. When that drops, then I worry! 

Keep going! And as always, happy pinning! 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and Pinterest’s current best practices, click HERE

xo Megan 

Can you turn Pinterest into a money making business?

Can you turn Pinterest into a money making business?

Can you turn Pinterest into a money making business?

How many posts have you read on this? I am sure if you have gotten to this one, it’s quite a few.
2020 was pretty eye-opening for many people when it came to working from home—especially those of us with kids who had also to take on the role of virtual teacher.

Many people had to quit their jobs, or worse, they were laid off.

You see, I started my business nearly 7 years ago when I realized what childcare would cost me if I went back to the corporate world after having babies. The take-home after paying for childcare didn’t make going back into the office worth it, at least for me. My husband is a helicopter pilot in the Navy, and most of the time, he is gone. So him balancing his career and helping with the kids wasn’t really going to pan out either!

And I really wanted to continue to work; after all, I spent 4 years learning all there was to know about Marketing.
Fast forward to 2021, and I have a full client list and two super successful courses. Sadly my business didn’t really take off until year 2, but I know if I had had a more clear end goal, it could have happened a lot sooner.

So, can you turn Pinterest into a money-making business?

Yes. I average around $11K a month from Pinterest, and about $5K of that is from my Pinterest Virtual Assistant business. The rest comes in the form of my course sales and affiliate marketing.

But, it will take work! So this is not a get-rich overnight kind of gig.

What do you know about the Pinterest platform? 

How long have you been pinning on Pinterest? If you have a business of your own or at least a blog, I am sure you have a Pinterest for business account, so you may or may not know how things work.

If you are 150% new to all of this you may still have a personal account that you save recipes and interior design tips to.
Pinterest can be a HUGE traffic driver for businesses, bloggers, and online stores. In fact, a lot of my more prominent named clients’ sole purpose of hiring me is so they can rank on Google by ranking high on Pinterest.

But most use the platform to do just that, get free traffic to their website. While Pinterest is a search engine, it doesn’t take 2-3 years to rank as it can with Google and other search engines. While it still takes time, you can start ranking on or around the 6-month mark if you have been pinning correctly and you have stayed consistent.

Could you help others? 

If you have already been successful with your own Pinterest account and getting traffic to your website, you are one step closer to quickly being able to help others do the same.

Broad knowledge of Pinterest SEO is a massive player in this game. So if this is something you are already caught up on, you are already ahead of the game.

You see, Pinterest is more complicated than most think, and it takes a LOT of work to get traffic and see consistent growth with Pinterest, and a lot of businesses and bloggers don’t have that time to commit, so they outsource.

And that is where you come in.

Let’s say you know nothing about Pinterest but still want to learn, invest in a good course. Learn the ins and outs, and once you are successful with your own business account, you will be ready to help others. Pinterest is becoming more and more popular. 

As the years go on and the platform evolves more and more businesses are realizing what a great platform Pinterest can be. And more and more businesses are realizing they need to hire someone who knows what they are doing to help them be successful. 

The demand for Pinterest Virtual assistants is going up and up as every month goes by. So if you have ever wanted to take the jump and work for yourself, now is the time! 

Click here to learn more! 

{Side note: I wanted to mention this. Someone posted this in one of my FB groups last week, ” Are there any courses that help you make money? I mean I have taken so many and still nothing.” Remember this: A course is only there to teach you, YOU have to put in the work. No one can do it for you. They can guide you, but ultimately it comes down to how much time and effort you want to put into being successful! Keep that in mind 🙂 

And as always, 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan 



Why outdated Pinterest practices can get you in trouble…

Why outdated Pinterest practices can get you in trouble…

Why outdated Pinterest practices can get you in trouble…

Pinterest seems always seems to be keeping us on our toes. However, with constant changes to pinning strategies and best practices, it can be hard to keep up, especially when some things aren’t made 150% clear. 

After seven years of living and breathing Pinterest Marketing, I probably get fed up ten times fast than the average content creator as soon as I get a good strategy down, BAM! Something changes yet again. But this is to be expected as platforms constantly change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. 

Being a part of about a trillion blogging Facebook groups, I CONSTANTLY see “Pinterest Experts” preaching outdated practices. Not only is this frustrating to watch because some of them have a large following, but I am going to say it loud for the Pinners in the back, “OUTDATED PINTEREST PRACTICES WILL GET YOUR ACCOUNT FLAGGED AS SPAM (shadowbanned) OR SHUT DOWN!” 

And for those to who this has happened, 99% of the time, YOU NEVER RECOVER. 

Now, sadly this “Pinterest marked your account as spam on error” glitch is still around, and sadly happening to those who are pinning properly. But the #1 way to set off this flag is to pin improperly. 

I know you may be thinking, “Well, now I am scared to pin!” Don’t be, let’s talk about what you should be doing now! 

STOP pinning the same images over and over. 


In 2018-19 Pinterest wanted us to upload a pin and then send it to as many relevant boards as possible. 


They want us to upload as many fresh new IMAGES as possible. Even if it links to an old URL, they will prioritize your new pin over a “duplicate pin.” A pin of your own that has been re-pinned by YOU. No, it’s not bad if other’s re-pin your content; you want that! 

While it won’t kill you to re-pin a seasonal pin you pinned a year ago, it’s probably better to create a new pin with updated SEO. 

You don’t have to pin other users’ pins. 

That’s right! Unless you are a brand spanking new account and need to fill up your boards to help with SEO, you only have to pin your own content. And if you are new, be sure you are pinning relevant content to relevant boards. Filling your SEO-optimized boards up with pins that are appropriately optimized as well will help with the reach of the pins within that board. 

Back in the day (a year ago), Pinterest wanted us to pin a mix of our content AND others. Now they have said that we only need to pin our content. So make up your mind, Pinterest! It’s hard to keep up! 

Less is more

Since Pinterest frowns upon us pinning duplicate pins, you no longer need to pin 30 pins a day. In fact, uploading 1-3 new pin images a day that link to your content should be enough! 

How many new images you are uploading depends on the age of your account, the season we are in and what is trending at the moment. 


I am going to say it one more time; MONTHLY VIEWS DO NOT MEAN CLICKS. Users get SO hung up on their monthly views. You can have 4 million views, and the clicks over to your site could be 100 a day. Just because your reach is high doesn’t mean people are clicking on your pins. 

So when you hear so and so say, “Look how I got 90 trillion views on Pinterest.” You ask, what is the actual traffic to your website? 

Also, try to look at the website traffic from Pinterest on the back end of your site or with Google analytics. Pinterest Analytics NEVER match up with real-time views. 

PROPER SEO is everything.

When people post in my group and say they are struggling to get traffic, I always look at their account, and you know what I see? That NOTHING is optimized for SEO. 

Pinterest is a search engine, and while it works a little differently than some other search engines, you still need to optimize every single thing for SEO. 

This includes your about me, board names and descriptions, pin titles, and descriptions. Your content will not be found if it’s not optimized properly. 

Pinterest NO LONGER pulls from #hashtags. So including them in your description only wastes room you could be used to add more long-tailed keyword sentences. 

So things to take away: 

  • Pin fresh new images daily. 
  • Do not re-pin the same image over and over and over
  • Upload 1-3 new pin images a day
  • Only pin to properly optimized boards. 
  • Make sure you are up to date on proper Pinterest SEO

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and current best practices, click HERE

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan 

July Pinterest Trends. What should you be pinning on Pinterest in July?

July Pinterest Trends. What should you be pinning on Pinterest in July?

July Pinterest Trends. What should you be pinning on Pinterest in July?

I get this question often: When does seasonal content start trending? Content like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and so on! Content starts to trend on Pinterest 8-10 WEEKS before the actual holiday!

And while Pinterest traffic can be slow in the summer, you can spend your slow season preparing for the fall! 

Here is what you should be pinning in July!

Back to school! 

Most schools go back at the end of August, some after Labor Day, the first weekend in September. So it would be beneficial to you to start pinning anything about back to school! 

    • Back to school hairstyles.
    • Back to school outfits. 
    • Back to school supplies.
    • Back to school activities. 
    • Back to school nails. 

Labor Day!

Any holiday that goes hand in hand with BBQing is popular on Pinterest! Right now, you can start pinning content for Labor Day weekend! 

    • Labor Day Poster
    • Labor Day Party
    • Labor Day Decorations
    • Labor Day Dessert Ideas
    • Labor Day food ideas. 

Summer AND Fall fashion. 

While we still have a few warm months left (thankfully), fall fashion starts to trend right about now! 

    • Summer Fashion
    • Summer Fashion 2021
    • Summer Fashion 2021 Women’s Trends
    • Fall Fashion 
    • Fall Fashion 2021 Outfits

Summer Cocktails

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a summer cocktail or mocktail!

    • Summer cocktails
    • Summer cocktail recipes
    • Summer cocktails for a crowd.
    • Summer cocktails easy
    • Summer cocktails vodka


This is trending big time right now and will continue to trend into August. Even prepping your garden for fall will trend! 

  • Garden design. 
  • Garden ideas
  • Garden projects
  • Garden Inspiration 

Even if you are seeing lower numbers than usual right now here are a few things you want to keep in mind to help keep your Pinterest momentum going!

  1. Pin at LEAST 1 new fresh image every single day! 
  2. Make sure you are not re-pinning the same image over and over. 
  3. Make sure ALL of your boards are optimized PROPERLY for Pinterest SEO. Your content will not get half the reach it could if your profile is not set up properly. 
  4. The same goes for your pin title and description! Pinterest is a search engine, so proper SEO is SO important! Pinning improperly can get your account flagged, shut down, or marked as spam! 

Pinterest traffic will start picking up again in August, more so late august once everyone is back in school. 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and make sure you are up to date with best practices you can click here

Happy Pinning

xo Megan 

How I make $4,000 a month as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How I make $4,000 a month as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

How I make $4,000 a month as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

No, this isn’t a “get rich overnight” kind of post. But I wanted to answer some questions. Questions I get emails about almost daily! 

What does it take to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? 

I dove headfirst into Pinterest Marketing back in early 2015 when I was working for a Driver Education company helping them out with marketing as that is what my degree is in. They wanted to reach homeschool Moms who happened to love to hang out on Pinterest. So I spend about four solid months taking courses and learning all I could about using the platform.

I did learn a lot, but it took about four different (VERY EXPENSIVE) Pinterest courses to cover it all, which was frustrating to me. Note: Me creating my own Pinterest course two years later to make it easier for those who are very step-by-step learners like myself. 

After I had success marketing this companies business on Pinterest, they sent me over a couple of new clients. 

Now, nearly seven years later, I currently have 18 clients, 4 of which are big brand name companies! I average $4,600 a month with my VA business alone. Because I have been doing it for so long, I am VERY picky when it comes to signing clients on. I work about 20 hours a week! 

Before I get into it THIS DID NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. Being in this business, I CAN NOT STAND bloggers or course creators who make you think you will be raking in the big bucks overnight. Pinterest is a complicated platform and you have to know what you are doing before taking on clients! 

Learn how Pinterest Works.

Before you can work for someone else, you need to know EXACTLY how the platform works. You need to know proper Pinterest SEO, how to set a profile up from scratch, and you need to keep current with best pinning practices as they change often. SO many Pinterest VA’s out there are pinning incorrectly, and doing so can get their client’s account shut down, or worse, suspended for good. That can ruin a business. 

My best advice is to have success with YOUR account before taking on a client. 

Offer services for free or for a discount. 

When you are first starting, it’s wise to offer up a month of service for FREE or a significantly discounted price. This will land you a review, and if you do well, a new money-paying client! 

Say something like, “Hey, I am just starting out, and while I have had a lot of success with my own Pinterest account, I would love to offer my services for free for a month or X amount of money, in return for a review! And if things go well, maybe we can continue to work together!” 

This has worked for many of my students! 

95% of my clients have come from referrals! Good work sells! If you do great work, your client probably knows someone else who could use you too!  

Don’t take on more than you can handle. 

When you are first starting, take on clients slowly. Overwhelming yourself can cause significant burnout! Figure out a good schedule that works for you! Do you want to work 2 hours a day? 4 hours a day? It all depends!

I spend anywhere from 30-60 min on each client’s account once a week. So 18 clients lead to about 20 hours of work. Sometimes more and sometimes less! I use pre-made pin templates to make it light years easier to create pins at a much faster rate!

Don’t undersell yourself! 

Pinterest is A LOT. Yes, I have lost potential clients when they see how much I charge (which isn’t a lot, by the way), but you don’t want to take on a client who can’t afford you anyway. Those are the clients who hang in for a month and then leave. You don’t want those clients; they tend to complain a lot and don’t usually let you take the wheel, which you need to do when working on an account. You want someone who can afford your fees, and let the Pinterest expert do the work for them!

Is it possible to make a good income as a Pinterest VA? 150% yes! Will it happen overnight? No, but if you put in the work and take the time to educate yourself fully, you can 150% be successful at running your OWN business!

IF you want to learn more about Pinterest or becoming a Pinterest VA, click here!

Happy Pinning

xo Megan